Jack H.
Nov 8

I take an apple cider vinegar pill 600mg and I haven't had a hour flare up in a year. It sounds silly, but it works and I don't have to pay for expensive prescriptions, nor take shots of actual apple cider vinegar.

Nov 3

Im sorry but what in the actual hell is this article? A sperm? That’s a stretch, by a long shot.

May 8 2019

Yeah, I thought about it for a second. But I can’t bring myself to do it. I spent a lot of time in Destiny, and then Destiny 2, but I’m all gamed out when it comes to the franchise, at least until Destiny 3. Even then, it’s going to take a whole hell of a lot to bring me back.

Jun 7 2017

I’ve recently started meditating. I’ve been using the Headspace app and it’s amazing how just a month later I feel more content, less anxious and I find my mood has improved for the better. It’s definitely worth taking the 10-20 minutes it takes per day for that frame of mind.

Feb 12 2017

I opt for Airmail for the simple fact that it integrates iOS contact groups, where Spark sadly doesn’t. Though, after being in contact with Readdle, they are looking at implementing the feature.

Jul 8 2016

Same issues here. Constant sign-ins, stuck on the same screen once I am able to log in. :-/

Apr 13 2015

I will say this. My wife likes to use Amazon while I like to use Google Play. However, thanks to my Roku, choosing between the two isn’t an issue anymore as both Amazon and Google Play are on it.

Feb 13 2015

I've switched back and forth a few times, but I've found my issues with Chrome to be non-existent now. Works flawless for me. Of course I have 12GB of RAM in my work machine and 8 in my home machine.

Sep 26 2014

Yeah I use Google Music religiously. Same with 95 percent of the Google apps that come pre-installed.

Jul 23 2014

Which Godzilla are we talking about? There have been like, 800 of them.

Aug 27 2012

We get it, you're an Apple Fan Boy. All this shows is that Apple can bully others without pushing forward with real innovation. Maybe the Apple of old, but the new Apple just isn't innovative.

Aug 7 2012

Gizmodo exposes its blatant love for Apple... again.

Jul 24 2012

I wanted to take the time to thank you Gizmodo. Your Pro-Apple slant has made me realize the error of my ways and I will sacrifice my Nexus 7 to the Apple Gods so that they don't smite me. Only to get a bigger, albeit more expensive tablet with a display that requires a stronger charge and the tablet to increase in Read more