Wil Williams
8:31 PM

So I accidentally lied. He does not have a scarf...though I could have sworn he did. He does however have a hat and boots and is still adorable and useful. And I photographed him in my tiny cast iron because it has a similar story... Went from "why do I need a pan this small?" to "this is my favorite pan". 

8:16 PM

You see, normally I’m up for all the ideas that get posted here, learning new things, trying out new ideas, that’s part of what keeps life fresh.

12:37 PM

My mom got me a cute little whisk a couple years ago, it had a little egg wearing a scarf for the handle. I set it aside as mostly decorative and ignored it for years. Then, one day I was whisking something in a small bowl and my regular whisk wasn’t work so I grabbed Tiny Whisk and have never turned back. I easily Read more

1:42 PM

I had these little cheese rounds in the UK that were like laughing cow, but marmite flavored. I still think of them.

10:46 AM

Yeah but as the article states, the problem with Hopper this season isn’t what he’s doing, but how he’s doing it: always loud, always grating, always shouting, always not paying attention to anyone but himself. I’m only on episode 4 and I’m done with him.

1:09 AM

Hmm. Three characters in the 80-year history of television. Can’t argue with that! 

4:22 PM

Victoriocity is brilliant, and I’m glad to see it here. It’s one of those delights where they lay absurdity on absurdity but somehow manage to play it with a straight face until you just hit a moment when the entire towering edifice of absurdity suddenly strikes you and you just die laughing. Without ever losing the Read more

3:16 PM

Chunt’s wedding is going down on a special Hello From the Magic Tavern. Lots of special guests and hilarious hi-jinks. Still one of the funniest podcasts out there! 

1:56 PM

My favorite way to describe Other Bothers to friends I’m trying to talk into listening to it is that it’s about three random fantasy future people- a PR flunkie, a file clerk, and a cafeteria lady - get sucked back in time and told it’s up to them to save the world, except contrary to usual genre convention, they Read more

1:51 PM

Thanks for the suggestions, and for my new term, “actual-play”. My personal favorite in that category is one called The Film Reroll, where they use the Gurps framework to try to re-create famous movies and action scenes, and frequently veer way off course! Favorites include Indiana Jones for quality, and Wizard of Oz Read more

12:36 PM

That’s the first full ending I unlocked, and Jesus I welled up a bit during the whole thing. Read more

12:27 PM

Yes, but also I feel like they look like a neckbeard pervert’s dream? They’re so horrible. Glitter pooping sexy horse babies for Christmas!