Wil Williams
Nov 5

Can confirm about Bianco. I live in Phoenix, and I’ve only done it maybe three times in my life because of the wait, and it’s always worth it.

Sep 12

This was my favorite movie growing up and I think this says maybe too much about me

Jul 17 2019

The kalimotxo is the single most underrated drink (at least here in the States, given it’s like a Thing in Spain). This was my go-to in college because it’s almost always not just fine with garbo wine, but better. People always think it sounds disgusting until they try it, and I’ve never met someone who wasn’t wooed Read more

Jun 6 2019

So a while back I did pretty comprehensive testing with most of these options and a few others. Without fail, anything Skype-related had by far the worst sound quality. Read more

Mar 28 2019

This was advice I got via, surprisingly, a Disney Parks blog. Tom Bricker on disneytouristblog.com recommends getting, specifically, a Yankee Candle to bring to your hotel during a Disney trips. The reason for Yankee is that you can get the candles pretty much everywhere, and they’ll be around basically forever Read more

Mar 8 2019

I’m incapable of reading “mouthfeel” as anything other than the way it’s used by Natalie Wynn.

Mar 4 2019

You might also see people using “real-play.” If you’re looking for more podcasts in that genre, be sure to search for both terms!

Feb 1 2019

Conversations has been such a lifesaver with me, especially after starting to get more and more of this online myself. This article really helps broaden the specific conversations into general philosophies and tactics, taking it from teaching by example to laying down some best practices, and I’m really grateful for Read more

Dec 31 2018

Love this list! Everything is Alive, The Shadows, and Dreamboy were in my tops, too. I’m kind of surprised by the assertion that fiction is small in podcasting, though. The medium is actually really massive, and has seen a ton of expansion over the last few years. I had such trouble choosing just 10 for my best new Read more

Dec 11 2018

I’m envisioning this as a deviled egg where you mix the yolks with kewpie mayo and furikake and oh no I need to make these immediately

Dec 7 2018

Oh, MBMBaM was my fave too, and I literally have the Ice Cream Lyrics video bookmarked in case of sads. Big ups always to champion Louie Zong. Read more