May 14 2019

Read the plot, read the reviews, read the competing fan theories, possibly even read the fanfiction, depending on who’s writing it (esp. cracktastic Good Place crossovers, given Mr. Harper’s presence)... basically, I may develop strong opinions about this piece of media I will not experience directly.

May 14 2019

I’m so glad I’m not the only one who does this. No, I will not watch your scary movie but I will read the entire plot on Wikipedia.

Apr 16 2019

I should also point out that the squealing, flaming little Lord Umber was a real delight when I was folding laundry, alone, in my dark living room/house while my husband and kids (two little boys) were asleep.

Feb 12 2019

Oh yes, and we’re expected to give our lives for our students- anyone who dares give that a second thought is automatically a horrible person. But the fact is, I have 2 kids of my own. Am I expected to leave them motherless for that student who called me the c-word last week? Or the one who just got out of jail (for Read more

Feb 7 2019

The podcast Crime Junkie has a great episode that’s basically an overview of everything surrounding this case that wasn’t in Serial. If you fell one way or another on this story, it really changes your perspective.

Jan 17 2019

This is why the first thing I do when entering an AirBnB (and the host is gone) I take a poster of AROD out of my bag, strip down, and get myself to full mast.  If they want a show, they are getting a fucking show.

Dec 28 2018

I am in my 22nd year of teaching. While raises pay the mortgage, more than anything I would want more support for special education and English Language Learners (our district doesn’t even have an EL department any more and we have a TON of English Learners, we are in SO Cal!). I also really wish there was better and Read more

Dec 28 2018

As someone from a family full of teachers an enormous part of the problem is not just financial but structural. I’ve had two siblings quit teaching jobs in the last few years; both times it was 100% for administrative purposes and not financial. Read more

Dec 28 2018

It’s actually more surprising that this broken system still manages to lure tens of thousands of college educated people into teaching despite making zero effort to improve their work conditions. Read more

Dec 27 2018

I’d also appreciate if they fixed their algorithm for recommended pages. Or let me block tags. For some reason it’s showing me knives under “DIY”. I only click on posts about knitting and sewing and then “show more posts like this”, but instagram still think I’m intetested in knives. I don’t like knives and knife Read more

Jul 7 2018

Hi there. You are one of my people so I’ll take this question. None of this is personal. This is how you learn. It was helpful, very helpful, to me when I was just starting out and even now, to reframe every incident and every response I wanted to make. Reframed how? If this was an article about sexism/misogyny, and Read more