Big Red Heart
9/04/19 4:04PM

I have a buddy who had a 500 Abarth. He loved it, and it sounded so incredible. It’s the kind of car that makes you giggle at every turn. Read more

9/04/19 3:19PM

The pre-owned Fiat 500 Abarth: It’s like a roadside fried chicken place in Macon, Georgia. The sign says “chiken” crudely painted on a wood plank. Read more

3/06/18 8:46AM

Fuck, it looks so much better than the AMG GT 4dr. Way better, way cleaner, sleeker, and more cohesive.

6/06/17 2:23PM

As a person who occasionally buys used cars, a Volvo will definitely be one of the main contenders for the next car I buy. They’re luxury cars, but not Asian, which means they depreciate a lot. But they’re also not German, which means they tend to be reliable, from what I’ve heard. The only thing that might keep me Read more

11/19/15 1:08PM

It takes all kinds of engineering to make a good airplane. Things get weird when one group wins out.

11/19/15 12:23PM

which means I can finally get fat and take over 3 seats and drool on all you people sitting next to me!

11/19/15 12:17PM

The airplane itself is probably not a super-stunning breakthrough, after all, the laws of physics haven’t changed since the Concorde was designed. The breakthrough is the business-case: there are now enough people wealthy enough to afford a $100+ million private jet.

11/19/15 12:17PM

I mean, us pleabs can still fly almost anywhere in the world in less than 24 hours for less than $1,500. That’s historically unprecendented and we’re priviledged to live in such times.

10/12/15 2:03PM

As for what President Obama thinks of all this? He did an interview with 60 Minutes that aired yesterday that made it clear he sees Russia’s involvement in Syria as a failure in policy in Russia’s end, and not a lack of leadership on his. Read more

10/03/15 6:48PM

Whether you are a dick slinger or an accountant, you will at some time have this expression on your face during a long day on the job.

10/03/15 6:36PM

That was a very fascinating article. Seeing the behind-the-scenes of porn, with all those lurid sex acts spoken of so casually, is so weird, but at the same time so interesting. Actually, more interesting than the actual porn movie.

9/28/15 8:15PM

Seriously, second this comment. This article totally opened my eyes to the guys in the funny armor. I mean, it makes sense that they keep up with the times, but I never realized to what extent. This was really interesting to read about!

9/28/15 5:28PM

As you mention, the Swiss Guard was often hired as mercenaries by other countries. There is an incredibly beautiful and moving memorial in Lucerne, Switzerland depicting a lion with a thorn in its side, that commemorates the Swiss Guards who fell protecting the Tuileries Palace in France during the French Revolution.

9/04/15 5:11PM

Big update coming, probably in a new post. One of our readers linked us to new imagery proving that this thing is indeed a full stealth rework of the Hornet exactly as theorized, and was envisioned almost certainly to be unmanned. No trick of the camera or unknown variables at play. Stay tuned.

8/31/15 7:10PM

This comment really confused me at first. Then I read who posted it