Oct 12

something the pink atrophied keyboard activists have a hard time understanding while sitting in decades of inactivity in their office chairs is that human mind and body are actually a lot more resilient than they believe 

Sep 3

The feels here... THPS2 released shortly after I lost my step-dad, he and I were really close so I was in a really low place. The simple escapism tied to this game was phenomenal!

Sep 1

Because obviously developers can’t bother to get proper sized subtitles on regular ass computer screens. They  need to put at least the cutscenes on a smaller screen to judge what is properly readable.

Aug 30

Microsoft’s made their games day and date on PC because they couldn’t convince enough people to invest in their box. Sony and Nintendo don’t have that problem. “Stinginess” doesn’t factor into it. Hence why you’re unlikely to see much more from Sony than God of War (2018) when they’re ready to start drumming up hype Read more

Aug 21

“Or so” implies an estimate. Also 2020 feels like much more than 9 regular years.  Reading is fundamental. Serious question, of all the innocuous comments of a person trying to share their experience to waste your time shitting on, why choose this one? I totally made a weird face at “Rogan” which is me hating popular Read more

Aug 20

Very true, but I dont think Wim Hof advocates doing meditative breathing techniques while diving

Aug 19

I’m salivating over a possible Persona 3 FES port to PC. Easily my favorite Persona game in the series and it just felt darker and more intimate to me. Just give it to me, Sega. PLEASE. I need to BURN MYYYYY BREADDDDDDD

Aug 17

I think that’s exactly the problem, it’s a game that could’ve come out on 1999. Read more

Aug 15

Get a load of galaxy brain over here. The single person on earth who can predict the narrative twists and climax in a Suda51 game! Lol, GTFO.

Jul 28

Unreadable - my god, my week is ruined and it’s only Tuesdee

Jul 16

Sigh... Thanks for your concern. Admittedly I’ve been pretty stressed by how many of my fellow Americans have gone full-on asshole when it comes to simple science like masks. People would rather be an asshole than be concerned about their fellow human beings. I’m probably lashing out at them, at least somewhat. Read more