Isha Aran
Isha is a staff reporter who covers pop culture, representation in media, and your new faves.
Jun 1 2018

I’ve worked in mental health for 14 years. I can say with a degree of certainty... my clients are tired of being used as a scapegoat for gun violence. Read more

Apr 27 2018

Are you saying the pictures I take of my penis are actually composites of the penises a computer thinks I would enjoy

Apr 16 2018

George Stillfucksalottapuss

Apr 12 2018

He already has a date lined up

Apr 12 2018

According to New York Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams, women are throwing themselves at the mere thought of Rudy Giuliani, a man who doesn’t know how to insert AirPods in his ears. Adams writes: Read more

Apr 12 2018

Always remember to spay and neuter your pets, America. This is why we can’t have nice things!

Apr 12 2018

The about-to-be-consciously uncoupled Rudy Giuliani is coming off to Upper East Side sex kittens like catnip. They’re purring at him. Sidling — if not actually front-ling — in his direction. Read more

Apr 12 2018

Can you imagine this guy grunting and sweating on top of you?

Apr 12 2018

Great, now I remember this monstrosity. That’s time I’ll never have back.

Mar 28 2018

This president is having problems with someone named Stormy so he hires someone named Sunshine?

Mar 23 2018

As an FYI- The NRA is also against mandatory training to purchase a gun, trigger lock (or other responsible storage) laws, parental liability laws, etc.

Mar 23 2018

“Hey kids!”
“What do we do if we find a gun?”
“Take it and hide it, so the repressive, liberal government can’t overthrow an unarmed populace!”
“That’s right! And when we meet a police officer, what do we ask?!”
“Am I being detained?!”
“Great job!”

Mar 23 2018

Or, you know, and I’m just spitballing here, let’s have like way less guns around.

Mar 23 2018

Marginally better than my campaign starring Barry the “Don’t Shoot Your Wife” Beagle. Read more

Mar 12 2018

No thanks! 30 seconds were enough. I know the answer is “Because this is reality now” but why is the head of the Trump Organization stumping for a candidate when his only political “talent” is moaning on Twitter? Read more

Mar 12 2018

I think it’s pretty obvious why he’s so excited. He can only get two scoops when daddy isn’t there.

Mar 12 2018

This campaign stump also gave us a wonderful new shot of Fredo.

Mar 9 2018

#ThatTimeWhen Ari asked her if she was a Clueless person or a Legally Blonde person, and she answered “I’m a Clueless person”, and Ari just let it hang …