Isaac Rauch
Apr 6 2013

BREAKING: Clark Kellogg has said "value-tility" twice. Like versatility, but for value. We will keep you updated.

Apr 6 2013

Bored by the grind-it-out first half? You're having a better time than Mike Lupica.

Apr 6 2013

A particularly grateful hat-tip to Drew C., who let us embed his color-coded map of the places Wichita State, Syracuse, Louisville and Michigan's players went to high school. Syracuse (green) recruited up and down the East Coast very industriously, while Wichita State, as you might expect, got guys from all over the Read more

Apr 6 2013

Chris Davis: four games, 9/15 on 18 plate appearances, four homers, .600 batting average, 1.600 slugging percentage, and 16 RBI, breaking the old record of 12 through the season's first four games. Now where can I get me some of that sweet, sweet monkey dust?