Irsay's snorting straw
Sep 15

I can’t imagine that his thoughts on contouring would go over well with the average male Republican voter.

Sep 9

However, the arbitrator ruled that Brown’s racist comments were egregious and had no place in law enforcement and that the Manchester Police Department had properly applied a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to racist conduct,” the Manchester Police statement said. “Nevertheless, the arbitrator determined that Brown should Read more

Sep 4

Have these people... never made lemonade? From scratch? Because lemon water is great, but it ain’t lemonade. Who are these fools?

Sep 3

To those wondering who is promoting the fake Lizardo account, it’s likely said troll himself. It’s fairly easy to play the ‘respectable poster’ long game and get followed by the Root on an account and then use that account to push one’s greyed accounts out of the grey. Or a fellow dipshit troll in arms is doing such. Read more

Sep 1

It’s also worth mentioning that “Antifa” is short for “anti-fascist.” Imagine calling yourself “the anti-fascist hunter” and believing that you’re the hero in any scenario. Read more

Aug 18

We pay taxes to our government and our representatives to protect, serve and care for us. We the people. A more perfect union, etc... Read more

Aug 18

Oh to be behind the scenes at that station because you know those reporters are livid that the brother called them out on that banana toss bullshit. 

Aug 17

He shot her in the face, why no attempted murder charge?

Aug 10

Congrats, Madison. You’re 24 and already an Old White Guy. Except maybe you yell “Hey get off my lawn...bro!” Another grifter mouthing the same old cliches to same lumpen clods who are afraid of anything that isn’t them. 

Aug 7

Big oversight. Prison Break is the patron saint of this. Its literally in the title of why this show went off the rails at the end of season one. At least somebody over at the CW liked the show enough to bring these two back together.

Aug 4

So we can officially declare social media a mistake now, right? Like the verdict is in?

Jul 31

She recommends keeping three to five weeks of living expenses in your checking account, and at least three to six months in savings.