Irsay's snorting straw
Aug 10

Congrats, Madison. You’re 24 and already an Old White Guy. Except maybe you yell “Hey get off my lawn...bro!” Another grifter mouthing the same old cliches to same lumpen clods who are afraid of anything that isn’t them. 

Aug 7

Big oversight. Prison Break is the patron saint of this. Its literally in the title of why this show went off the rails at the end of season one. At least somebody over at the CW liked the show enough to bring these two back together.

Aug 4

So we can officially declare social media a mistake now, right? Like the verdict is in?

Jul 31

She recommends keeping three to five weeks of living expenses in your checking account, and at least three to six months in savings.

Jul 31

If you want to support the police, then support the police. Fine. But insisting specifically that the BLM mural be painted over (if that is what I’m understanding here) instead of putting your mural literally ANYWHERE else is straight up, active-aggressive racism. Plain. And. Simple. It’s like, in the age of Trump, Read more

Jul 14

“he doesn’t remember it, he was a baby” now I’m imagining the internet chanting this like “his name is robert paulson”

Jul 6

The people who did this must be really proud of and believe in the rightness their cause. That’s why they did it when nobody was watching and haven’t taken responsibility for their activism.

Jul 5

This game has strong potential to hit that “thank you Kotaku for cluing me in to a game that ends up joining the Hundred Hour Club on Steam” sweet spot.

Jul 2

The way she’s holding that weapon, she’s had training. Wonder where she works.

Jul 2

I can’t wait to tell my Mom that all those slaps she applied to everybody in the house, including Dad, were actually “diversionary strikes.”

Jul 1

Looks like he scrubbed the boast about a young person’s suicide from his bio. Oops.

Jul 1

Good! Because people like that, through many years of other white people having let their racist behavior slide, live in the delusional world that ALL white people got their back! Read more

Jul 1

Well, if they build a patio, then they might (gasp!) have a BBQ or a birthday party and then you’ve got more Black people showing up in the neighborhood and what’s a Terrorist Tammy to do? How does she know if those Black people are supposed to be there or are dangerous Black people armed with ice tea and Skittles? Read more

Jul 1

Why is minding one’s damn business hard? I mean really. If you’re not paying for it or it isn’t impacting you, why the hell should you care? Read more

Jul 1

Yep - you could see her wilt when she saw her white neighbors didn’t have her back.

Jul 1

The demographic of protesters is inspirational. White people need to call out their own EVERY - TIME. The victim has no power unless the status quo is supportive.

Jul 1

Calling all cars! Calling all cars! There is a Black family trying to increase their property value in Montclair! It may even increase the property value of the house next door! Calling all cars!”