Irsay's snorting straw
8/03/20 11:32AM

We made a separate account to save for a house. Once we bought it we started putting specific house emergency funds in that account, separate from our existing checking and savings. Having the separate account during the closing process actually helped our lender process our stuff much easier in terms of tracking Read more

7/24/20 10:09AM

Blackened ranch is the A1 ranch of any fast food restaurant and I will throw hands over that 100%

1/10/20 9:51AM

I was shorts guy until my mid-twenties. Took me that long to discover that pants aren’t that bad if you actually take the time to find ones that fit you properly and are comfortable. I will still go shorts until the temps hit the 50's, but it’s a vast improvement on the “shorts no matter what” days.

12/13/19 9:44AM

Recommendations on banks to switch to that offer apps and quick-pay type transactions but aren’t discriminatory pieces of shit?

12/12/19 9:44AM

I think everyone is missing two key points here:
1. The Last Jedi sucked and no amount of love for Star Wars or denial can change that.
2. JJ Abrams ALSO sucks, and this trilogy will end as a giant wet fart.

11/21/19 10:51AM

If you put this in Google Translate it actually reads: “I didn’t graduate high school so let me project my insecurities on being a fucking moron onto the guy who wrote this article”.

10/21/19 12:41PM

I installed Ublock at work just because of this site. Showing 30 blocked ads on this page alone and it amounts to an absolutely absurd amount of white space.

9/27/19 9:38AM

New Orleans is a dirty, humid hellscape but also one of the best cities in the entire U.S.. It is unabashedly itself and is one of the primary reasons I can’t make myself leave Louisiana. Would love to have you back any time Drew, and I will bring the weed.

9/11/19 12:50PM

Very fair point to note. The changes here seem to have happened in the last year or so; used to eat the honey mustard and mango habanero from BWW quite often until they became nothing but burnt bone.

9/11/19 9:46AM

At least where I’m living (Louisiana) BWW wings are small, overcooked and generally just taste like wings I could get at Kroger for $5 less; whereas WingStop I have to wait 40 minutes for my wings and fries, but when they finally come out they are big, beautiful and absolutely delicious. Louisiana rub and garlic Read more

9/06/19 9:40AM

I live in Louisiana and have seen people open carrying multiple weapons in a fucking Target (ironic?). As a gun owner myself I will never understand the amount of insecurity someone has to make them think “everyone in this grocery store needs to know I’m a really big badass”.

9/06/19 9:34AM

“I don’t get why they practiced inside with air conditioning when it’s hot outside” is a weird take.