gas head
Jan 7 2016

Great! But doesn't a lot of miles hurt you when you sell it?

Dec 19 2015

My attitude is simply this. When a small craft brewery, whose beer I drink, gets swallowed up by a corporate giant, I simply move on to another small craft brew. I did this when Constellation bought Ballast Point. Sorry no more Sculpin, now it’s Betty by Hangar 24. My final move will be to brew my own.

Dec 11 2015

Oh, you are cold? Take off your shoes and I will piss on your socks.

Nov 17 2015

+1 And know where other cars are in relation to yours-at all times.

Nov 12 2015

Sounds so similar to the auto industry and new car buying.

Nov 4 2015

Saw it at Woodward a couple years ago. Stuck with me.

Oct 31 2015

Honestly, I never gave it a thought. I am small and always thought the seats were challenging to get comfortable in-they are low to the floor. As for the rear head rests, can they be removed? Many can. Still a great car.

Oct 23 2015

Have to laugh...I see this every day I go to work. It’s a small poor central Cali city. The MSRP is higher than the cost of any property in the city—maybe the entire city!

Oct 20 2015

We have a family of small lizards living around our house-badabing! no spiders!

Oct 14 2015

I’m mostly retired. I have saved diligently and have an amount saved. However, I find it very difficult to wake up every morning not knowing what that amount is. What issue or “fear” will affect the markets and thus my nest egg is driving me nuts. I’m about ready to put it under my pillow or in the sock drawer. I Read more