3/22/21 8:29AM

Backhaul trucks 99% never do. Delivery trucks will if needed. I worked in a UPS depot, before.

3/22/21 1:21AM

That might explain the love-in from a significant portion of people for “autopilot”

3/21/21 2:37PM

It would still be a problem because it’s unsafe software being beta-tested on public roads.

3/21/21 2:27PM

Me three on this one. I don’t know if that’s taught any more though as most of the time I see people setting up for their left turns like this.

3/21/21 2:07PM

That was something I noticed as well. I was always taught the same: Keep the wheel straight so that if you are rear ended, you will not be pushed into oncoming traffic.

3/21/21 1:51PM

Unprotected left turns are probably one of the hardest challenge autonomous cars have. That’s why even the Waymo cars (pretty much the best in the industry) avoid them whenever possible. People who have ridden them have noticed that is why the routes are longer than expected: the car would be willing to take a very Read more

3/21/21 12:36PM

Am I the only one bothered by the fact that the car is angled into traffic and the wheel is turned waiting for the opportunity to make the left turn? Read more

3/19/21 10:56AM

My comparison is always if I make a mistake on a bike, I probably injure myself. If a multiple thousand pound car makes a mistake that can kill someone or cause $1000s in damage. (although I avoid blazing through stop signs, I won’t pretend to fully stop at them all. I always stop if a car is within about a quarter Read more

3/18/21 11:35AM

Put Jeep badges on them and David Tracy will come take them away for you.

3/13/21 12:55PM

The machinery of Capitalism is lubricated with the blood of the workers.

3/13/21 12:34PM

Good thing they’re heading to a state where going to work with covid isn’t endangering public health, it’s being a reliable hard worker.

3/10/21 9:23AM

I really didn’t think about until you wrote this. I learned how to ride dirt bikes when I was pretty young...10ish. Now come to think about it, I’m sure that helped me drive an old Willys with a stick.

3/10/21 9:18AM

EVERYBODY should take the MSF course... it WILL make you a better driver all around.

3/10/21 8:57AM

My experience, many decades ago, was that it also works in the other direction. As a youth, having learned to drive a manual transmission car, it was easier for me to learn to shift on a motorcycle. Read more

3/08/21 2:09PM

I’ve been all over the country for work right through the pandemic. Never the slightest inkling of an issue - and not only am I masked up, but I am a black guy who is masked up. Admittedly, I am not going to Farmville USA like I did for my previous job, but come on now. I really think this guy has mental health issues.

3/08/21 1:32PM

This probably doesn’t relate much, but being of an asian descent, I had some interesting experiences. In eastern KY, I was, very nicely, too, refused service at a diner. And driving through northern Mississippi was, well, actually it was terrifying. After filling up at a gas station, I was chased by three pickups with Read more

3/05/21 9:36AM

In just the past year I have learned that if the cars never leave the driveway, I never have a problem finding a place to park. Read more