Thursday 12:28PM

Thoroughly cleaning the tanks without damaging that perfect original paint will be a real nail-biter, too.

6/13/21 12:14PM

The last time I saw a pair of truck nuts swinging from the back of a Model S was never, so probably not. But the same weight penalty and taxes should apply, if that’s the point you were attempting to make.

6/13/21 11:46AM

What I like is a level playing field, especially when it comes to safety on public roads.

6/13/21 11:16AM

Penalties for moving violations should be proportional to vehicle weight. You need 4000+ lbs of truck to soothe your insecurities? Fine, you better be really really careful with that. There should also be a fat tax.

3/29/21 6:31PM

In case you’re being serious, that’s some stupid mobile phone fako depth of field effect. Which helps make photos look awful.

3/21/21 2:41PM

It’s great they do this, not only because unprotected left turns are a challenge for the machine, but because they’re dangerous, in general. Humans should try to avoid them, too.

3/21/21 2:35PM

Yeah, to a trained driver it’s extremely unsettling to watch, and it does it every single time in the video.

3/17/21 7:59PM

I see people driving stupidly in their 3000+ lb cars all the time in the city I live. Including *in* the bike lanes. All. The. Time. Yet when a cyclist gets hit by a car, the chorus of “well, bicycle riders don’t always stop at stop signs- they are the dangerous ones!” from the Nextdoor crowd is overwhelming. WTF is Read more

3/10/21 9:36AM

Great advice. I started riding dirt bikes when I was 9. When I was 15 I learned to drive a car with manual transmission. Contrary to the mostly self-centered ideas being expressed in the comments section about safety, my position is 1) you can do a lot less damage on a bike to people around you, 2) it’s easy to find Read more

3/05/21 9:54AM

Even in U.S. cities that appear to have very limited on-street parking, open parking spots abound! The trick is to drive a much smaller vehicle than everyone else. This is easily accomplished with A) a motorbike, or B) a very small auto. When I lived in San Francisco, to complement my bike I picked up a used Suzuki Read more

3/01/21 11:58AM

This is the sort of situation that’s best described as “When Idiots Collide.” Fortunately, in this case only figuratively, but I wouldn’t give Tesla any credit for it.

2/25/21 8:27PM

Didn’t you read the whole article? The silver lining is there’s only demand for 250 of these. That’s still an absurdly high number for something this stupid, I agree, but it’s not as bad as it seems at first.

2/25/21 4:10PM

In case anyone’s inclined to give her the benefit of the doubt because the clip starts just as the truck changes lanes, be sure to watch the whole thing. Her maneuver at the end tells you everything you need to know about her credibility.

2/25/21 1:14PM

When Malcolm finally arrives to the ballroom and pulls into the parking space there is this poignant image that is so relevant today I think it must boggle Spike Lee’s mind. Then again, maybe not. It could have been exactly what Lee intended. Read more