Ian Walker
Staff Writer, Kotaku
Jun 30

I’ve found that, as I get older, I drift further and further from super-violent games in general. In my late teens and early 20s, I relished serious fps play. Unreal Tournament, Medal of Honor:Allied Assault, and even earlier... Doom.. were all mainstays at the LAN parties I would go to. It was great.

At some point in Read more

Jun 29

What is it with living in prolonged luxury and decadence from wealth that it gradually turns you into a monster? Read more

Jun 23

According to a interview I just made up, this is ACTUAL No More Heroes 3 gameplay. As in this is how you play — with Suda 51 talking to you like Seaman in the middle of the screen.

Jun 15

Gearbox should just mess with people and make a 2D side-scrolling platformer like the first two games.

Jun 11

For me, price is a number when compared to my bank account.

Jun 9

Grasshopper Manufacture has (and had) some of the best composers in the medium, like Masafumi Takada and Akira Yamaoka, and the Travis Strikes Again soundtrack is fucking boss. Like, one the best I’ve heard, and showed me a world of artist that are becoming some of my favorites. Read more

Jun 5

Kind of wish it would tell you when you’ve made a mistake. I thought I had hit a bug on my first attempt, could not find a way to progress past the Spirit Temple. I’m pretty sure I’d just fat-fingered something and had been working with bad numbers, but there was no way to see where. Read more

Jun 3

about once a month my grandparents would take me to the video store in town and let me rent a Sega game. 2.50 for a whole weekend’s worth of play.  So many shitty game but so many wonderful memories. 

Jun 2

Maybe just a pic of the event then? Or one of the competitors?

Not that any of this is important. It just occurred to me that some of Balrog’s character traits are negative black stereotypes, but the only redeeming thing I could think of him doing is taking Ed under his wing, and that would probably be a very Read more

Jun 2

“Sotaknuck” Sonic, Tails, Knuckles. . . Sonic fans never change.

Jun 2

and that’s okay! There’s an implicit ‘if Black people are around you’ attached to the statement. Consider also: the internet— with the caveat that I don’t want you to go out and try to collect Black friends like Pokemon.

May 28

Way to Ruffles our feathers, Ian. Fine, I'll Cheez-It with the snacking. But don't expect me to cornbread-dressing-stuffed Cornish game hen with a balsamic-pomegranate glaze and a side of harissa stewed butternut squash with sheep's cheese and baked apples about it. 

May 26

Well deserved on SonicFox’s part! They’re probably one of the best things to ever come out of the FGC and I’m just happy anytime I see a headline with their name on it. I love that they try to give the time of day to a lot of different fighting games and don’t just stick with the ones that they know really well but, Read more

May 15

Here are the songs in case you can’t remember what they sounded like:

May 13

You can plant flowers in the sand on the beach.  This will store them and they won’t propagate at all.  Planting them in sand is effectively putting them in stasis.  Bugs will spawn on them, but they won’t reproduce

May 13

The flowers really are kind of obnoxious. I have a ton, got a shit roll when starting the island and got ugly weed-looking cosmos, and I always slow down when walking through them. I’m currently building a suburb area and plan on making a Versailles-esque orangerie and garden to control them in one far corner.

May 7

Nice. If we have to deal with hyper-jingoistic garbage like Call of Duty every year, we can surely have a few outright leftist titles here and there. Read more