Ian Walker
Staff Writer, Kotaku
May 11

Thank Ian these were great pieces of art to behold. The game came together great and I’ll probably seek out an art book later on just to get more behind the scenes like this.

May 11

The fact that Ada was originally going to be in the game as a mysterious ally is just hilarious to me, adding more weight to the “Capcom was trying to remake RE4 without actually calling it RE4" joke.

What next? Are they gonna tell us the game’s plot was originally going to center around a giant zombie tree controlled Read more

May 11

looks at storyboard burning Ethan’s hands

looks at article about Ethan’s poor poor hands

looks directly at camera

May 10

I also love how awkwardly it’s shared in the video. One of the hosts mentions Waluigi and the video just cuts to a still of the above for 3 poignant seconds.

May 10

Donna’s area was essentially Capcom going “Hey look, we can do Silent Hill when we want”.

May 7

This dude rocks. The sneaky pink cheetah-print undies in the last pic are also fantastic.

May 7

I know some folks claim Resident Evil is getting too serious but I point directly to stuff like this, Exhibit A so to speak. Can you imagine being a surviving villager, or even a lycan-monster-person, and seeing Ethan running around with a knife trying to kill chickens and pigs? I get this is optional but still, most p Read more

Apr 23

Damn. Dude’s a natural.

But now let’s get to the good stuff. Dicemaker’s voice is the single most soothing voice i’ve ever heard in my life.

Apr 8

I’m playing this for the first time right now and I literally just completed this level this morning. I had every experience described, including choking at the last and dying in trying to get the shine. With the notable exception that I didn’t randomly figure out this dismount glitch(?). Read more

Apr 6

To be fair, canonically SFV takes place before SFIII, so maybe he hasn’t developed the confidence to free ball yet?

Mar 24

With or without the shadow buff, Wii Fit Trainer is still believed to be a firmly middle-of-the-road fighter, which is a shame for how fun they are to watch in high-level play.
Read more

Mar 23

That game is scary as hell. Fuck that village, those hard puzzles, those damn characters and all the scary shit in that game. Whoever came up with Mundaun is a twisted sumbitch.

Mar 16

... ooh. Idea. Fortnite is Hell for Peely. He’s actually some sort of alien warlord and his eternal punishment is to be a grinning, cheerful mascot who gets murdered brutally over and over. Enjoy that soul balm, folks!

Mar 5

Not a R6:Siege player either, but also in total agreement that these designs are amazing. I love the flavour of them and though they clash spectacularly with Siege’s overall aesthetic, which incidentally is what makes them work so well.

Feb 25

“What are you doing with your life?”
“You’re playing that Avengers game.”

Feb 24

I spoof in this game. I have a burner account that exists to trade me and some friends the regionals and a couple pokemon that are so rare they might as well not exist. Read more