Ian Walker
Staff Writer, Kotaku
Jun 26

i love Borderlands, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its own faults and flaws.

Jun 15

that’s true! but Gearbox wouldn’t be in this position in the first place if they hadn’t bothered buying the property. thus making everything they’ve done or will do with it not worth the trouble.

Jun 15

Now that would be interesting. I don’t remember those games being particularly memorable but there are so many good indie devs around these days that could make something incredible.

Jun 4

no, this is definitely important, and I appreciate the feedback.

Jun 3

some of my best gaming memories are of shitty games I played as a kid because that’s all I had.

Jun 2

Yeah, we talked about that during the editing process. Unfortunately, Street Fighter V doesn’t really have any good alternatives when it comes to black characters. For all his flaws, we thought that picture of Balrog was pretty tame. Read more

May 1

My apologies for the error, the headline should be good now.

Mar 23

I work from home anyways, so my two little pomchis are blissfully unaware of everything that’s happening outside. Oh, to be so cute and ignorant...

Mar 17

Yeah, the image at the top is just one of several random poses your character will do after you choose an outfit. They’re not all as femme.