Ian Graber-Stiehl
Apr 5 2019

Facebook: Come because all your “friends” wanted to keep up with you. Stay because of the sunk-cost fallacy. Remember: you are the product.

Mar 27 2019

Check out Blair Braverman on Twitter, she loves her dogs, those dogs are her life, and I can’t image her making her dogs doing anything they wouldn’t want to do. Yes, sometimes dogs are dropped, she had to drop Colbert at a check point because it got into the sled bag and ate 15 lbs of chicken skins. He was then flown Read more

Sep 20 2018

[This is the place where a second person is supposed to add some dickish snark about how poorly edited the website is, ignoring the fact that we continue reading it and it doesn’t actually cost anything. Something something gawker something.]

Sep 19 2018

This is recorded too. This isn't some off the cuff remark. So, either they didn't bother doing other takes, sensing this was likely the best they'd get; or this was the best of several takes. "Wettest from the standpoint of water." Thanks for clarifying it wasn't the wettest from the standpoint of urine.

Aug 1 2018

Elegant and restrained styling, I see u Rodrigo!

May 24 2018

I have to disagree. That PAPA belt buckle is next level.

Feb 27 2018

Exactly. “Just trust me it’s bigger” doesn’t exactly sell me on it.

Feb 27 2018

The problem is, if he already has kids, he kind of is ‘succesful’ in the eyes of Darwin.

“Survival of the fitest” only requires you to get to an age you can procreate, get to try to procreate and actually succesfully procreate

Feb 27 2018

So he injected stem cells into his dick to make it bigger, yet ‘didn’t get out a ruler’ to note the results? Moron.

Feb 27 2018

I’m calling bullshit. No guy in the world would try something this stupid without having already measured his cock in exacting detail so he could excitedly (and then disappointedly) measure the “after” effects in just as much detail. I mean, c’mon, we’ve all at least taken a ruler down there to check...

Aug 9 2011

I would say that's more an argument to go out and buy bandaids than investigate alternative uses for the spices, personally.

Jul 26 2011

Actually, very good. We never have bandaids in my house, but we have all kinds of spices like this!