Ian Graber-Stiehl
1:06 AM

I disagree with all this dude’s politics, and he should get dragged...but I gotta say. Dwayne Wade DOES look like a fish.

7:10 PM

Funny thing is, I actually wanted to talk about Blair Braverman and use her to make an ethical argument. I’ve been moonlighting as a dog trainer myself, at a rescue pet shop in my area, ever since I got out of the Army. And I’ve lived around sporting dogs all my life. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough space to Read more

3:43 PM

Mind you, climate impact is only one part of a lifecycle analysis. There are other categories like eutrophication, health-affecting emissions, resource extraction, water use, disposal toxic byproducts, acidification, etc. Read more

3:38 PM

If you look at the studies cited, you’ll see that they stack disposable plastic bags up against those as well. The latter still requires hundreds of uses. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go too in-depth on that because, well, word limits gotta word limit y’all.

3:35 PM

Correction. I actually cited multiple lifecycle analysis. And I’d imagine few people intentionally dump cotton bags. Rather, they tend not to get used — as per the conclusions of multiple surveys you’ve seen fit to disregard for...reasons? Read more

8:23 PM

Oh, and I would add that the woman I spoke of lived on plot about the size of yours. Maybe a bit smaller.

8:20 PM

Absolutely. I know I come off as ranty, but if I do, it’s because the lady I mentioned above taught me something important. We’ve cultured the mindset that we grow things just for them to look a certain way. There’s a whole nother half of gardening we forget about: learning about what we grow, and what comes to it. Read more

12:38 PM

Lawns do support some animals, but only a few species: Skunks eat lawn grubs (but lawns can’t support enough prey for skunk’s main predator, owls). Geese can eat grass, and have no fear of being snuck up on when it’s so short. So long as cottontails have a thicket or deck nearby, in or under which they can den, Read more

12:26 PM

Yes, but if you replace it with native plants and register it as wildlife habitat through the DNR, thus ends their legal power to say or do shit.

12:24 PM

Yeah, downsides...like life. Or sequestering carbon. Or not pissing away water. Or not creating an ecological nightmare with unregulated agricultural chemicals.

12:22 PM

Well, that’s only half the point. Yes, the chemicals and water usage are problematic, but so is the crap ecological diversity of lawns. They support very few species: skunks, geese, cottontail rabbits, and robins, but not much else. It’s an easy fix, even if you want most of your yard to be lawn, to just border it Read more

10:50 PM

Yeah, but are we really gonna compare Ben Carson...Ben Carson, to Elon Musk. I get your point, but that’s going a bit far.

12:35 PM

Yeah, Arthur Jones is going to lose...but let’s not pretend people ain’t gonna vote for him. Plus, the man has led a Neo-Nazi/White Supremacist faction within Chicago for decades, and approximately how many of my fellow Chicagoans have heard of him before this? Read more

4:19 PM

I have a lot of restraint. I’ve spoken cordially to White Supremacists. But if I ever meet this man, Imma slap shit out of him so hard he thinks he went on one of Oprah’s cleanses, just on general goddamn principle.

1:05 PM

I ain’t without caution. There’s a reason I carry a knife everywhere and have spent quite a few years training how fight. If someone is stabbing me, I’m dragging them to hell with me

9:53 PM

Yes, I will happily occupy the fuck out of a zodiac 500 meters away from the human trying to argue with 230 polar bears. I’ll even film what happens. But getting closer? Fuck. That.

12:53 PM

No, I understand that the ruling applies only to government censorship. However, it seems unlikely that the web, and particularly social media—which are increasingly acknowledged as public squares—will forever stay a wild west where companies allowed to censor as they see fit. Read more

2:48 AM

First off, no. Psychopaths are typically intelligence and are quite good at appearing socially normal. Trump is a petulant child locked in his own echo chamber. There is a vast difference.