Ms. Benovan Stanchiano
Friday 4:11PM

There are batshit crazy ones, I’ve encountered them and they are scary. They have a god/leader akin to some other cults, Walt. Not the actual person, but the idea/the character from TV. Read more

Thursday 11:59AM

I love her music but every time Billie opens her mouth it adds evidence to the case that “unschooling” and/or allowing your children to be full time professional performers before they’re 20 is bad m’kay.

Wednesday 8:23PM

Anchored by a 15-minute TED Talk on Bitcoin by Jaden Smith?

Wednesday 6:53PM

Yummo. And other childish words to describe food. 

Wednesday 5:31PM

Calling sandwiches ‘sammies’.  Calling extra virgin olive oil ‘EVOO’.  That’s a start, I’ll think of more.

Wednesday 12:17PM

Frankly she quit acting after Sophie’s Choice when she realized all you had to do to fool Academy voters was employ an outrageous accent.

Tuesday 11:55PM

I’ve never seen a show that needed a second season less. It was so perfectly wrapped up and self contained, anything more would be a let-down.

Tuesday 4:28PM

I didn’t realize she was his daughter either! She looks so much older than the rest of the cast AND she talks like she got her jaw wired shut or took way too much ecstasy. It’s distracting.

Tuesday 3:35PM

I didn’t realize who she was at first and thought: “Did she win a contest or something to be on the show?”

Tuesday 2:18PM

My dearly departed Penny dog’s (RIP 1¢) feet smelled like Fritos. I miss that smell.

Tuesday 1:11PM

this show is pretty trashy and fun, not sure if it’s really pushing boundaries like they are claiming lol. kevin smith daughter is cringey, but the two leads are pretty decent!

Tuesday 1:10PM

Yes! Also, I’m that person at parties and happy hours pointing out that Madonna is on film in her own freaking documentary she had made about herself laughing out loud about her hairstylist’s, yeah.

Tuesday 11:05AM

I’m That Person at parties and happy hours because I point out that it was Sinead O’Connor who publicly called out the Catholic Church for sex abuse long before the Boston Globe ever did. The following year, a real estate developer found mass graves from the Magdalene laundries. Read more