Ms. Benovan Stanchiano

The people responsible for this should be put to death. Read more

Yeah. He would have fucking hated this and so do I. Read more

every time a white man calls media criticism a “lynching,” a part of me dies.  Read more

I can’t believe the creepy conspiracy theorist rapist who looks like a homeless guy is also stalker!!! Read more

the hell with her. she stayed in power too long, died while still grasping at power in office, snapped at kids asking her to vote for climate change measures like a craven asshole, made nice with lindsey fucking graham after confirming amy coney barrett, the list goes on. Read more

No one should be sworn into federal office after their 75th birthday, and that’s probably being too generous. This should be a no brainer. Read more

Cool. Now If Pelosi and McConnell can drop dead too, I'll break out some party poppers. Read more

writing an entire eulogy about her life’s work that basically shits on her for the last year-ish of her time on Capitol Hill is distasteful. Read more

And mandatory retirement ages. No one should be casting votes on bills that they won’t be alive to see come into law. Read more

I hope Feinstein’s memory is a blessing to those who knew her. And maybe a lesson to other aging politicians to gracefully resign while they still can.”

Well said.   Read more

It’s really unfortunate that a woman who authored the Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 will be remembered for aging so ungracefully out of government.”

{long slow fart sound}

In a year not a single person will care about the last few months of her time in the Senate; that less than a quarter of the words here are Read more

any positive legacy was erased by the disgrace of needing to cling to power selfishly long past the time of her mental competence. thank goodness the whole thing’s in the past finally. let’s roll our eyes and move on. Read more


Wtf is this? It's horrifying.  Read more

Anticipation for this show is gonna keep me going the next couple months. Fielder hasn’t failed yet (though he has only had two shows). Read more

I like how you frame this as he’s “down” like “down on his luck” instead of “down in a pit he dug by himself” Read more

It’s the ultimate “Stomp a serial rapist in the balls when he’s already down,” which, as far as I’m concerned, is a-ok. Read more

Scientology’s “fair game” policy is coming back to haunt them. Good.
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