Ms. Benovan Stanchiano
5/11/21 11:16PM

It’s revered like it’s a modern version of Clue, which it just isn’t. Clue was lightning in a bottle while Knives Out felt kind of smug.

2/22/21 10:21PM

It’s a very good thing, whether you’re asking 10 year old Scream obsessed me or 34 year old Scream obsessed me

2/04/21 12:25AM

This was the best episode in a long time. It actually felt like a season one episode, in terms of quality. I hope they can keep it up after the time jump. I doubt it, but I hope. Also, please, no more Hiram. I blame him for when the show started to deteriorate. 

1/27/21 6:47PM

This really stings. I’ve been rewatching Raising Hope the past few weeks and it’s hard to stand out in such an immensely talented cast, but Leachman as Maw Maw managed to do just that.

12/12/20 9:05PM

Oh it’s definitely a hilarious episode too. The scene in the school greenhouse had me crying with laughter. That’s why it’s such a great show. It effortlessly blends comedy and drama.

12/12/20 1:52AM

So glad to see Vendy Wiccany on here. Its a beautiful tribute to Maya & Anna’s friendship, finding solace in being outsiders, escaping from troubles at homes, and trying to feel in control when you are utterly powerless. Plus I totally relate to the flirting fascination with witchcraft. My mom is Wiccan so it’s been a Read more

12/08/20 1:03AM

I fell down this rabbit hole last night, I was watching old SBTB episodes and googling the cast and apparently he was accused of date rape in 1993 or 1994. The woman may have been paid of by NBC network executives. Not a good look.

11/29/20 10:25PM

This is very minor in the scheme of things, but the Saved by the Bell revival isn’t “upcoming”, it already came out on Wednesday. Read more

11/20/20 2:54AM

This was originally supposed to come out in March, I think. Maybe even before that. I made it about half way into the first book but the writing was so abysmal, I ended up regifting it to a frenemy

11/11/20 12:18AM

I have no clue how guilty Johnny Depp is. What I do know is he doesn’t need another 10 million dollars for bracelets and wine. He should donate some of it to a domestic abuse charity.