Jeff Glucker
Aug 13

Now how about that. I was in Nuremberg last year and saw an elderly man casually driving a sixty-something Impala, mint condition. Just burbling that ol’ V8 through the narrow streets. Followed by who I assumed was his mate on MB 300 SL. I then proceeded to go to the Autobahn and also max the rental A6 avant I was Read more

Aug 13

First time I was in Geneva to attend the motor show press days, I saw someone hauling ass on the highway underneath the convention center in a ‘73 Country Squire.

Given how much I’d spent that morning to refuel a Mazda2, I can only assume said individual was incredibly wealthy.

Aug 13

I was in Ft. Lauderdale a few years ago and saw this at the hotel. Wasn’t quite mint, you could tell it was loved and got used. Totally unexpected to run into one of these.

Aug 12

I was lucky enough to go to the ADAC vintage race meet at the Nurburgring in 2010, and there was a dude in the pits towing his Formula Ford racer with a purple suicide door Lincoln Continental.

Aug 12

Not what I expected at all. That driver was both lucky and, from what I can read of the telemetry, cool as a cucumber. Looks like: hard on the brakes, then off everytime the spin was complete and then back on to the brakes moderately in an effort to stop the spin. Read more

Aug 7

Thanks, evoCS! It really has been exceptionally durable, especially in light of what I put it through on a daily basis.

Jeff, you’re dead to me

Aug 6

Jeff you could buy a project Cadillac and use it to launch a Youtube channel.

Aug 5

Also because your contractor Greg is on his second Raptor now, and it is imperative that he get new bumpers, lights, wheels, tires, and shocks for it. Read more

Jul 30

I have a pop-up canopy. self supporting and pretty much the same weight and size when collapsed. Waaaaay cheaper then this. I guess I could duct tape it to my car and call it over-landing.

Jul 28

Everyone, I want to encourage you to take this moment, and prove to everyone in the automotive community that Jalopnik readers aren’t a bunch of 7th graders. Read more

Jul 13

thank you! also it is $150 for the bike, $100 for packing, $75.46 for shipping, and $1.40 for two new C batteries for the bike light.

Jul 2

Well, the Mini will definitely be more reliable than the Type R, and for sure hold it’s value better, and positively be cheaper to repair, and unequivocally be easier to modify thanks to a much larger aftermarket....... wait a minute....... 

Jul 2

Type-R. It’s so ridiculous you can’t help but love it. I briefly had a 2018 Civic Si before I upgraded, torque steer is nearly non-existent. Pretty sure some souls were traded for the differential in these cars.

Jun 23

nonsense. The Pajero is a legend and the Pajero Evolution is an absolute WANT machine. They also made a handful of underappreciated but still cool cars like the Starion, FTO, and imo the most underrated awesome car of the whole decade.... the Legnum VR4. The 3000GT may have lagged behind some of the all time great