Jul 16 2015

I can’t believe that no one has picked the ship that has a zoo, circus and transforms into a maid. I give you Spaceball 1:

Jul 14 2015

There’s a difference between reasonable charges for extra luxuries and gouging customers over every aspect of the experience.

Jun 8 2015

Anybody who seriously uses the phrase “sheeple” is just as much of a fuckboy as the people they’re deriding. You’re not enlightened because you’re educated on the features and benefits of a few streaming services. Get the fuck over yourself.

Jun 4 2015

There is a difference: there are actually good Windows versions. There are no good Android versions.

May 24 2015

Doesn't swiping back do the same thing without the reach? It works in almost every single app. Probably as many as have a back button on the top left.

May 9 2015

It’s not perfect unless it involves a potential disaster to avert:

Apr 1 2015

Sadly i’ll probably be one of those finally doing the switch to an iphone. Samsung kept me in android for the past few years... but with constant bugs/issues with my S5, a lollipop update that made it even worse, and no more advantage of a microsd (i was ok with the battery thing with external chargers nowadays), I Read more

Mar 30 2015

Ditto. I could also cure cancer, develop skynet, recite pi to infinity, and read every book ever written or that will ever be written.... if I just had the time.

Mar 26 2015

We don't have more nuclear because people tend to make decisions based on emotion instead of logic and reasoning.

Mar 18 2015

I knew this was a slippery slope. First weed in Colorado, then electric cars in New Jersey. Next you'll be able to buy crack in elementary schools.

Mar 18 2015

*glancing over my shoulder at a row of iMacs*
I think I need to re-calibrate my sarcasm detector.