Holden Miller
12:44 PM

There was a time when I was pretty fiercely into the idea of a Bas-Lag MMO. Getting to be a garuda and flying from Cymek to New Crobuzon. Learning watercraefting. Fast travel via Weaver. Instances with slake moths... Okay, I'm still into the idea.

1:21 PM

I sort of see where you're coming from (I play Terran too), but I still think the game is great. We can obviously get in a huge discussion about how it's so so different than Brood War, but I like the faster play style and - save for these past months of I/BL - I think the game has only gotten better since its Read more

4:57 PM

Honestly I had much bigger problems with the story than any maybe/maybe not racism. I just found it to be pretty half-baked all around. Let me qualify that I really liked this game, played through it voraciously, and am still enjoying travelling around Rook Island hunting and swimming and gliding. But the story of Read more

4:50 PM

So I purchased, downloaded, and read Brendan Keogh's book Killing Is Harmless: A Critical Reading of Spec Ops: The Line before posting this blip. It wasn't meant to demean his work at all. I was happy to see someone attempt something like this. But I do have some thoughts about it as a reader. Read more