Sep 10

I mean, they’re promoting the movie, it’s unlikely that anyone is gonna call anyone else a bag of dicks.

May 21

Toru Iwatani: With the exception of Masaya and myself, whom you already know, we’re going to be using aliases on this job. Under no circumstances do I want any one of you to relate to each other by your Japanese names, and I don’t want any talk about yourself, personally. That includes where you’ve been, your wife’s Read more

Mar 4

There’s one form of immortality that still kind of appeals to me...

Feb 28 2020

Yo Anya Chalotra is Yennifer. Not Anya Taylor Joy. 

Feb 1 2020

Rebecca Ferguson isn’t a “newcomer” to the series, this is her third MI movie...

Jan 15 2020

Then there’s Downey, who does the whole film with an accent that’s meant to make him sound vaguely, indistinguishably foreign” Read more

Dec 23 2019

Rebuttal: It is a BAD Star Wars movie, and that’s why alot of people are hating on it. But it’s a “nuanced” bad Star Wars movie because on one hand, it panders to the many obnoxiously vocal critics of Star Wars, while by doing so, also pissing off the other kind of Star Wars fan who was hoping for a satisfying Read more

Dec 20 2019

For starters, “Dark/Light Side” is sorta a misnomer. They aren’t like yin/yang. The Jedi are the peaceful warrior monks who live in harmony with the Force. Hence, balance. The Sith, however, aim to use the Force for their own personal gain. Hence, imbalance. It’s like if on one hand you have a farmer tending to his Read more

Dec 20 2019

Bringing Kylo’s helmet back was a pure spite move. I love/hate how petty it is.