Heather Yamada-Hosley
Contributing Writer, Lifehacker.com
Dec 1 2017

Jewelry and accessories are super easy to travel with. This can mean earrings, bracelets, money clips, tie clips, watches, wallets. Stuff like that.

Nov 27 2017

It’s important to know that these companies don’t test the same way as the tests you would get from your doctor. For example, 23andme could say you’re in the clear when you have a less common mutation that the medical test would have picked up on. Read more

Nov 21 2017

Homecoming and Within the Wires both sound really interesting. I’m going to have to check them out on my holiday drive tomorrow. Thanks! Read more

Nov 1 2017

A few years ago I was in an unhappy spot in my career. I had a lot of job security but found the work sort of soul-crushing. After some deliberation I went to my manager and asked to be shifted to a 32-hour work week so I could pursue other interests while still filling the niche role I had at work. Luckily, my Read more

Oct 27 2017

Smart travel tip: When you go to another country, don’t say “bless you”

Oct 27 2017

Whenever you sneeze I will reply with “Really, it’s come to this?”

Oct 6 2017

I think you may be confusing service animal with “comfort” or “emotional support” animal. Two very different things. The latter seems to be growing in popularity as a way for people to bring their animals to places they normally shouldn’t be (work, planes). Though I am sure there are some legitimate reasons.