Heather Hass
Video Producer at Lifehacker

10:25 AM

Meghan, this is great advice- I actually relate to being the Will throughout childhood. When I was probably 5 or 6 I remember making ‘dirt cake’ with some kids that were a little older and I thought cooler. They made me take a bite and Ive never forgotten it! I always did whatever everyone told me to do, because I Read more

3:04 PM

That is very kind! And, glad you enjoyed it. :) He has more writing stuffs at http://www.worldwidedirt.com if you’re interested.

10:44 AM

Wouldn’t the question parameters become irrelevant once true ai is achieved

9:39 AM

Hey, thanks for pointing that out! I agree. I mean, can anyone say dolphins? Not to mention your very capable dog? Adjusted accordingly, GobbletyGoop. 

9:11 AM

I was thinking the same thing during the interview and while editing this! He has a great way of making things make sense. 

12:27 PM

Although I prefer a good washcloth, I usually have some of those green and yellow sponges. I don’t keep using until they deteriorate, but like a washcloth when they’re too dirty, I throw them in the laundry. They come out fine; usable for a couple more rounds. A little less waste. 

1:47 PM

Hello! I get these chest pains. Spreading from my upper back almost crawling over my shoulders to my chest. They last for hours keeping me up most of the night until I can finally pass out. Sometimes 2-3 times a month, sometimes only once. Been happening since I was about 16. I am an otherwise very healthy 32 year old Read more

11:49 AM

Definitely, there’s talk about doing a post like this soon- stay tuned! For now, I would say to network like crazy. Always bring up what you do and that you are looking for more projects. Most work comes from someone you know, or someone who knows someone you know. 

11:47 AM

Sorry that hasn't been your experience! Not sure who you fly with, but I’ve flown with Delta, American, Jetblue, and they always let me take all that stuff free. You can choose to either check it right when you get there or they’ll courtesy check it for you at the gate before you board. I usually bring the carseat and Read more