Heather Alexandra
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5:01 PM

It’s a good game, maybe even the body of a great game, buried under a mile-high pile of conflicting, tacked-on RPG mechanics. The kind that feel like they originated in a Ubisoft marketing and sales executive’s office, and not a game designer’s studio. Read more

5:09 PM

I loved the previous Metro maps, and so far I’m really digging Op Underground. I’m super excited for the Pacific at the end of the year. While the release of this map undoubtedly brings in that “Battlefield” feeling that so many love, I believe that Wake Island is true Battlefield at it’s core. Air, sea, and ground. Read more

3:26 AM

I for one can’t stop being amazed at how complicated game companies have to make their micro transactions that it’s so easy to write an essay about. Read more

12:08 PM

same boat here, i’ve been playing the game on and off (after sinking in almost 20 hours before my series of hiatuses) and it is confusing to jump back in. there are tons of text logs in the files section of yagami’s phone that are helpful too, although reading is kind of annoying, i found them helpful to reestablish Read more

12:15 PM

That gave me the best of chills. I remember seeing the Eternal Arcadia box set in the Dreamcast magazine and then later actually holding one in a used game store in Tokyo. Such a cool piece to have now and forever!

12:10 PM

That is awesome. A couple years ago I had a custom Music Box created that played all of the music box-like music from Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Radical Dreamers and Xenogears for my daughter, Lucca. Not half as cool as this one, though.

I’m just sad this post wasn’t about a special edition of a re-release. This Read more

8:47 AM

Its such a fun game and it feels a little old school too at the same time, if that makes any sense. Read more

6:50 PM

I am always just blown away by these articles—partly by the achievement and expertise required, and partly by the fact that these speed runners have the time available to study and do this sort of stuff. I want a job where I can play a Zelda ocarina all day!

6:15 PM

This is SO COOL. I love seeing these games get completely broken using nothing but the game and a normal controller. Read more

3:41 PM

This is not “cheating” in any normal sense. In fact, many speedruns actually rely on knowing or even manipulating the RNG seed, and the effects of it. This is common in RPG speedruns - I know the early Pokemon games, and a lot of Square Enix games, have RNG-manipulated speedruns. So long as the manipulation consists Read more

5:25 PM

WOW. The sheer amount of RELIEF in that guy’s voice when he says “This game is done. I’m done.” Breaking down into tears. Read more

5:15 PM

I just want to say there’s something... wholesome? about the SMB1 record being recorded with a camera pointed at a screen instead of a capture card. Gets back to the roots.

2:11 PM

Yes! Was lookin for something like this for the Switch. Excited for the release. Recently got Lumines on Switch and it just blasted me back to the hours i dumped into it back in High School, back to Hexic on my Zune... Made me want more of these style games.