The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Still Sucks, But At Least Janet Jackson and Stevie Nicks Will Be in It

Yes, voters have made strides in recent years to induct more women, historically a blind spot for the dudely Rock and Roll Hall of Fame—Sister Rosetta Tharpe was inducted last year. While that’s something to celebrate, it’s also a great reminder of how out-of-touch the institution has been; Tharpe basically invented…

When Are Police Officers Going to Stop Underestimating the Link Between Domestic Violence and Murder?

Week after week, it feels like another woman is murdered by a current or previous partner. And often these deaths were entirely preventable, with the killers possessing a documented history of domestic violence. As we’ve seen just this year in the murders of women like Aisha Fraser, Tiffany Wilson, Tamara O’Neal, and

Robyn Covers 'Last Christmas,' Another Drab Zayn Song, and Some Satanic Beatboxing

Y: Natti Natasha, “Me Gusta” NATTI NA. Everyone is really trying to finish the year off on a strong note, huh? I see you! Natasha is the kind of talent that will creep up on you if you’re not paying attention. I get the feeling she’s a perfectionist, and honestly I don’t mind waiting for new music from her if this…