Hazel Cills
Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel
10:02 AM

Yup, I’m fine! Just sharing my honest thoughts on this celebrity and the body neutrality movement on the blog that I work for, which has a history of writing critically about pop culture feminism and celebrities, that you’re currently reading. Seems self-explanatory to me. Read more

1:39 PM

When do you guys think Antoni is going to file a restraining order against us?

12:10 PM

Lol, just saying that there’s no such thing as “we” at Jezebel. Similarly, my opinion, under my individual byline, does not reflect the opinion of my coworkers. Anyway, happy to add Lana love to the site, where many people love her here now.

11:23 AM

Hate to break it to you but not everyone that works at Jezebel, or has worked at Jezebel, has the same opinion! Crazy, women are different...

11:10 AM

Weirdly, it’s a bit of both! “Ms. Eilish is the anti-Britney Spears, the anti-Katy Perry,” is how the NYT article I linked to her described her. But I was always skeptical of how much, uh, actual work Lavigne did as a songwriter. Billie’s the real deal and much darker, I’d sooner compare her music to NIN or Portishead Read more

12:57 PM

Thank you for latching on to four words I wrote specifically about the Victoria’s Secret brand, as someone who has written about the fashion industry and its problems often for this website, to pen this manifesto. The whole industry sucks??? Who knew?!

12:17 PM

Fleabag is so unique but I’d recommend Killing Eve (for more of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s brilliant writing), Enlightened (for a great nervous breakdown and a messy road to a better life), and Russian Doll (for Natasha Lyonne’s chutzpah and good smoking, on par with Fleabag’s.)

8:08 AM

Don’t really see the difference between the timer helping people brush for long enough/keeping them from brushing too long. The point is there’s a timer in the toothbrush. Nothing says “I’m incapable of completing simple tasks without a new device to help me” like a timer in a toothbrush. I think it’s stupid.