Harron Walker
Contributor, Jezebel
Jan 7 2019

Didn’t the producers also nix (or at least attempt to nix) Mimi Imfurst’s pregnancy themed reunion dress that had a womb-y cross section and an umbilical cord boa? Can’t find a good stream of the episode to confirm if it made it to air or not, but there seems to be some kind of uhhhhhhhh anti-uterine(??) bias at Read more

Dec 20 2018

Lots of straight ones, too! They just don’t hit on the bitter gay dude above.

Dec 17 2018

I agree! She looked striking and glamorous! But my favorite national costume this year was probably Miss El Salvador’s.

Dec 13 2018

Normal comment that a man who def doesn’t want to fuck a drag queen feels compelled to leave on an article about Drag Race.