Silly names aside, Nissan is confident enough to send its new EV to the literal ends of the Earth in a mostly stock configuration.” Read more

I want to send this so hard. I’ve never wanted to send anything more in my life, but this? My gosh. I would send it and then send it some more. It must be sent. The 911 Dakar is begging: “Send Me.” It belongs in low-earth orbit, competing with satellites for send height and duration. I’m glad they’ve though about Read more

8mm (63/200 inches) long and 6mm (59/250 inches) wide” Read more

Fuck that. If I see a hit and run I am absolutely calling the cops. Read more

As someone who has worked for a Auto Parts Store, please make it known that the codes  do not exactly tell you what is wrong, but point you in the direction of what is seeing something wrong. Had many people come buy a O2 sensor  only to be upset that it did not fix their problem.  When asked why they thought the O2 Read more

But you get Porsche brand name on the shell and the tent. The ability to broadcast to your surroundings that you’re in a Porsche is worth the $3.5k lol. Read more

Omg mee toooo. I would say it’s the number one forbidden fruit sold right now that we don’t get (for me). I would definitely trade my unlimited wrangler for one in a heartbeat! Read more

People like to joke about the signs for a falling rock zone. Like, what am I supposed to do with that information? Well , I guess the answer is “don’t park your car right against the hill” Read more

They are more than 100% efficient. A heat pump isn’t a heat exchanger. As you compress and condense the refrigerant you add energy. When you allow the refrigerant to re-expand, it suck’s additional energy from the air that is required to turn it back into a gas. That added energy from the outside plus the pump energy Read more

Snowmobiles seem like one of those things like ATVs and jet skis, where it’s pretty fun for anyone to get on and go but you can hurt yourself pretty easily if you’re not careful (this coming from someone who once crashed a dirt bike into a cyclone fence, fortunately, it was very loose and springy and gave a lot).  Read more

While I love Snowmobiling, it is far from safe (as you said) but for others you are talking about machines that are capable of 100+ mph, have insane power to weight ratios and acceleration, while driving on ice/snow going over objects that can easily be hidden. While I’m not a mountain sled expert, I have 10's of Read more

Agree 1000% on the Sentra. My buddy still has one and I had to suffer through a rental so I’ve experienced it from the driver and passenger seats. The suspension and interior are so bad, it feels like tumbling down a gravel road in a pine coffin. Above 50 mph on the freeway it will bounce and shake so badly, I Read more

Your original post was thoughtful and useful. So of course people argue against it with no supporting logic. Thanks for taking the time to make the original post and the well explained reasoning behind your opinion. Read more

On the distance of AM radio - when I was younger I lived in Alberta - about 1000 miles from San Francisco, but every night due to the skip signal I could tune in to one of their AM news-talk radio stations. Read more

I know this site has an unquenchable need to portray anyone older than... 50 (?) as being hopelessly out of touch. But he makes a pretty good point about the use of AM / FM radio in emergencies. Read more

This channel is audit the auditor, and is relatively (considering the content) neutral, and he's quick to call out bullshit Read more

I give Hammerhead an A for this comment Read more

AuditTheAudit is a fantastic reference as it’s one of the few that seem to understand that you can know your rights without making a situation worse.
Read more

It’s apparent that his success has come from spending on money on people to do the actual work for him and that the companies coming up alongside him spend considerable effort to insulate themselves from his management. This has given him the mistaken notion that things are easy, and what’s running one more company, Read more