Wheneveri do an off road trip I always buy a pair of sunglasses from the last small town before I leave civilization. No idea why

Sounds like the exciter technology honda uses in the Ridgeline... But for butts

Again. Missing the point. Its demographics, and making the connection that religious affiliation automatically equates to an inability to be a public service is a garbage bias.

Only 29% of Americans are “highly intelligent” because they aren’t affiliated with religious beliefs? You understand how unintelligent this makes you sound? Read more

The only thing backwards-ass is expecting REPRESENTATIVES in a REPRESENTATIVE democracy to not REPRESENT the population. If 65% of people owned Nash Metropolitans, odds are elected officials will drive Nash Metropolitans. That’s what a representative is - someone who stands in for the population.  

I think people are missing the point here. The majority of voters have religious beliefs of some kind, mostly Christian. It would be weird if we didn’t elect representatives, in a popular winner take all election, that didn’t, you know, represent the population. The math alone suggest this will be the case. It may not Read more

Boy, ford really is serious about competing with the wrangler. I didn’t think they would be able to match the experience completely like this, but they’ve nailed it.

65% of adult American’s identify as Christian as of 2020 according to a Pew survey. This is the country that prints “In God We Trust.” You don’t understand why religion is important in this representative democracy?

God can take the wheel, so long as the state has her keys.

I went through and did a few builds. It’s seems like if you want 35 inch tires and a bare level of creature comforts you are going to be paying very similar money. It’s just a function of navigating the build process. I will grant you that Ford seems to be doing better in that process than Jeep. Jeeps has way too many

They wouldn’t offer this package on something that would have high failure rates if actually used.  Let the aftermarket take that risk.

While i do think the problem is more complex than instant gratification, your story pretty much defines what instant gratification is. Instant gratification can have perfectly reasonable justifications. Read more

Go that way, really fast. If something gets in your way, turn.

only the pile will be on the wrong side of the trail, the end.

Fasteners can send multiple signals. One signal they send is that of something being industrial or commercial in its utility. See fake bolts on all kinds of off-roaders OE and aftermarket. Lame, but clearly effective. Read more

The non-rubicon axles aren’t really up for the stress of 35's. I mean for looks only maybe but if you tried to wheel with the stock axles and 35's you would be pressing your luck.  The rubicon axles are only just up to the task of 35's and real wheeling.

4 grand isn’t bad at all especially if you plan to regear with 35's. You are going to be spending AT LEAST that to do all the work, plus you will get DANA factory gearing which will be setup properly and won’t sing on the highway like aftermarket gears can.

Exactly. It sounds like he’s paving the way for lower expectations so it doesn’t hit as hard with the public.