No questions about it. A stock Renegade trailhawk has better breakover than a lifted Gladiator on 37's (or close enough). I measured my 80 series yesterday (2 inch lift - very tired probably only 1.5) and 33's and I’m at 33-35 degrees depending on how you measure. Read more

No question. Jeep doesn’t have the problem of cosplay consumers fortunately... Read more

Thats a 4 door pickup lol. If you are worried about breakover, you get the 2 wrangler with a 27.8 degree breakover.” Read more

Fun story, I did the math the other day and learned that you need 37 inch tires and a 3 inch lift to get the same breakover as a Tacoma TRD off-road with a 2 inch lift and 33 inch tires. Read more

In this mode, the Dakar offers an approach angle of 16.1 degrees, departure of 18.8, and breakover of 19 degrees”

From what I’ve heard these are a bit of a disaster in terms of quality. lots and LOTS problems, some pretty serious.  Not this model in particular, but Rezvani in general. Read more

Important Caveat - OBD wasn’t created to be a friend to the DIY mechanic but rather as an emissions compliance tool to help diagnose emissions issues. That means that anything related to fuel, air and exhaust and some electrical but not much else. Most manufactures also have a CAN bus that gives them specific codes Read more

I’ve been driven around in one of these. A super Camaro fan in Texas was convinced that this would be the last of the Camaros and he wanted to have the 1st and last models. These really moved and were easily the best of this generation of Camaro. Read more

Im haunted forever by the story my Aunt told me of her neighbor who’s dog died. She deeply loved her dogs and my aunt knew this so she went over to console her. Read more

SST’s can die the death. I get it that sometimes you need to assemble something in a way that makes it difficult to access or that some part may require a tool that is less common, but I can’t stand going through my factory service manual and seeing the word SST. (special service tool). The catalog of SST’s for Toyota Read more

I can’t imagine kicking a more active nest of busy bees than this demographic. She’s right - It’s common sense law. It’s dangerous to driver, other drivers and pets. She’s going to have to plow through a wall of stupid to get it passed, but its good law. Read more

Pretty sure it’s all the same unit. AC cools and heat pumps are just AC that runs backwards. I can’t imagine they put two compressor based thermal systems in the car when one can do both. Read more

Wind powered ships. The future is here... Read more

It’s genuinely amazing how good the VTM4 system is for how bad the CR-V system is. The CR-V doesn’t use VTM4, it uses a simple hang-on system that is nowhere near as capable. Read more

Exactly, just AC that you can turn backwards with a few extra bits. Read more

I’ve said it before but I think its ridiculous that its taken this long to put heat pumps into EV’s and the industry shouting about how revolutionary/expensive/future facing/impractical etc etc is hilarious to people who understand this is just air conditioning + Read more

I know people are going to get after Honda for creating just another posturing soft-roader but the reality is that Honda VTM4 is a VERY good single speed AWD system. Probably the best single speed AWD system for off-road use. Read more

Looks like I was also wrong. Looks like its both and it can be confusing. Read more

This torque-vectoring technology can send 75 percent of the available power to either of the rear wheels if the opposite tire loses contact with the ground. The remaining 25 percent stays with the non-active wheel to transfer force quickly after regaining traction.” Read more