1:34 PM

I hear the 2.4 paired with the 9 speed is particularly bad.  I’ve only driven the 3.2 and it was fine.

1:15 PM

yes. I think so. The 1st gen was notoriously reliable. The 2uz and A750 are a proven million mile combo.

1:02 PM

very likely.  Im not saying its a good price, im saying the buyer is going to have decide how much they are wiling to pay for low miles since they aren’t really cross shopping at this point.  

12:16 PM

Re: the Tundra.  When you want a car that no longer exists anymore...then the price is what you can get it for.  Granted you can hunt around and try and work a deal but if you are looking for a truck bigger than a tacoma, and smaller than a current tundra with a V8 and Toyota reliability...well you are kinda only Read more

7:34 PM

yeah, my computer said 97 F at 55 feet. Lovely diving weather.  If no one has been in there churning it up, its clear as a bell and awesome.  If they have...yeah, its like cave diving.  3 feet of vis.