2/26/21 1:42AM

You are half-right. My example is admittedly anecdotal and, frankly, overly broad to draw a conclusion from. However, my more modest objective is to demonstrate, and by extension interject into the conversation, the possibility of a more self-serving and cynical motivation by the Chief; that the “cultural Read more

2/26/21 1:01AM

They generally call themselves Indians, but perhaps you were too busy deciding what was best for them to notice or ask.

2/25/21 7:38PM

It most certainly is a negotiation. I’ve worked with an Indian tribe and they’ve become very adept at playing the victim card. Usually it’s a shakedown for a payout; then they start to infighting over which of their own factions get it. See casinos, Keystone XL Pipeline, literally any government social program and now Read more

2/25/21 7:25PM

Yeah, big time. Some of the writers on GMG are pretty close-minded though: You’re either on this side of the debate, or you’re wrong.

2/25/21 6:52PM

“but this isn’t a negotiation, is it? Chief Hoskin has definitively stated that naming a car and profiting greatly off of that nameplate is not honoring the Cherokee Nation. Read more

2/08/21 10:40AM

So do people think that comparing the 46% of Americans who voted for the Republican to Hitler/Third Reich is going to “unify” this country? I’ve been hearing quite a few yell “unity” and then say they want to deprogram all Trump voters. Just be honest that you want a political war and stop this disingenuous call for Read more

12/15/20 9:38PM

Ford sells over a million trucks per year. It is blatantly obvious that they’re building trucks people want to buy. What you want will never happen for the price you demand with today’s safety regulations. Ever.

12/07/20 5:10PM

Stop directly converting prices between markets, it just doesn’t work that way, AT ALL. Read more

11/23/20 10:47AM

Hasn’t like half of the Jalopnik staff written articles about large trips they’ve taken during the pandemic? Read more

11/19/20 11:46AM

I’m actually more excited for this than I have been for some of their stuff in a while. People having fun in cars, which are woefully inadequate for the situation, in great scenery. Read more

11/19/20 11:16AM

I said months ago, when another commenter brought up the same thing, that I would stop coming here and go to TheDrive, but old habits die hard, I’ve been reading and commenting on Jalponik from the start. 

11/06/20 10:32AM

Absurd addition to this review.  Are we going to mention ongoing tragedies in every review of luxury items and consumer products?  "Here's an RTX 3080, but let's reflect on the pandemic that has killed 240k Americans.  You probably should feel bad for buying this"

11/06/20 9:15AM

Yep, what I want to read about in my reviews of products is the state of the world and politics.  BEST part of the review.

11/05/20 8:41AM

I think you present a compelling argument, but I still am not convinced government inspections are a good idea. The main reason is the slippery slope you mention in the article. Well meaning people always tend to increase restrictions until they become what you experienced in Germany. Rarely do systems start out that Read more