Apr 15

I bet there was a time where BAT was more true to its roots, now its more like BRING A CHECKBOOK... As far as the three wheeler, I just know there’s someone out there already thinking about an LS swap. BAT cars so frequently exceeding reasonable market value that you have to wonder if there’s some buyer-seller back Read more

Mar 4

Aside from emotional attachment to the 911 badge, why would anyone buy this instead of a used Boxster/Cayman?

Feb 27

Literally EVERY single comment about IMS failures. The early model year Porsches had the DUAL-ROW bearing, which hardly fails. It’s the single-row bearings that tend to fail, and the problem as a whole is nowhere near as big as the internet will have you believe. Let the folks whine about “big dollar repairs” and Read more

Feb 27

These model years don’t have the issue. They have the dual-row radial bearing which doesn’t fail (though there may be isolate cases). The models after ‘99 have the single-row, which may fail. It isn’t a hugely widespread problem, as the internet would have you believe. If it was so bad and folks were blowing engines Read more

Jan 22

“…the seller claims more than $7,000 in parts having gone into it over the course of the past seven years ownership” Read more

Jan 13 2020

It sucks that that the Challenger II didn’t get more, but I dont see the need to trash the Mustang from Bullitt. How many generations of car enthusiasts did it’s appearance launch? It’s a legitimate, and important, part of our culture. Read more