What song is inextricably linked to a film or TV show for you?

Inspired by a nearly decade-old inventory of songs firmly linked to films, this week’s question comes from reader Drew Evans:

What’s the best pop culture of the year so far?

This week’s question congratulates all of us for having made it halfway through the year, and asks, What’s the best pop culture, in any form of media, you’ve encountered so far this year?

Who makes art that feels like it was intended just for you?

Here’s this week’s question, courtesy of reader Jason Larsen:

From 17 to 55 years, authors took their time with these long-awaited book sequels

When Richard Russo published Everybody’s Fool last week, he joined the club of authors who waited more than a decade before publishing a sequel. Whether this group took their time creating a rich fantasy world (like J.R.R. Tolkien), checking in with characters to study the passage of time (à la Harper Lee), or for no…