May 9 2018

I gotta admit, hating the Warriors makes a lot of sense but Draymond can dick kick my grandfather off a cliff and I’d still rather watch the Warriors than the fucking Rockets.

May 3 2018

New Orleans has tried to do something similar (although enforcement....meh), except that they are allowing whole home/apartment rentals up to 90 days per year. skip a few slow weekends and you can basically rent it out all year during weekends when people actually visit and pay big money anyway. In our city, Read more

May 3 2018

True to form, in none of these videos does Harden stick around to play defense.

May 1 2018

Maybe we’re reading too much into this, and the simple answer is the correct answer: the Browns don’t know what the fuck they’re doing and this is further evidence of it.

Apr 26 2018

Even if he can’t play his history of traveling around the world, drinking and raping, should serve him well is he decides to become an actual pirate.

Apr 26 2018

For now, Kang will be kept in Florida as a (Steel) reserve for later in the season.

Apr 17 2018

Wow. I’d say front compressor blade failed but what’s really unusual is that the containment band (a strengthened band inside the nacelle, designed to contain blade failures) appears to have failed too. The nacelles are designed to contain catastrophic failures like this and direct all the debris out the back (it’s Read more

Jan 9 2018

I’m so high that when I first glanced at the headline I said to myself “Why is the creep chef getting into tennis?”

Jan 9 2018

He was definitely asking Blank about Megatron’s Butthole, how it worked, and if there was a model he could put his dick into.

Dec 8 2017

I’m convinced Deadspin writers give you & guys like Madoff, an outline of what they’ll be posting on a given day so that you can conjure up funny replies. It’s a conspiracy.