Greg T
Oct 30 2015

Erin, I’m really sad to see you go, but also, really happy that you get to explore new universes. I learnt a lot from you just by watching: the confident, methodical way you could absorb, build and lead any field you’ve been thrown at was truly inspiring. You are one of the few charismatic leaders I had the chance to Read more

Jun 4 2015

Imagine get stuck in an elevator with... deodorant. I can die of hungry, but I will still smell like a charm

Dec 16 2014

We already have a conduit for creativity! It's Kinja. Our platform is capable of sparking constructive conversation with points and counter-points, which can all be easily archived and organized. For example, look at what is happening with this post right now, the ideas and creativity are flowing! Read more

Dec 15 2014

I hope we shed bureaucracy while gaining organization. But definitely let me know if you find that's not the case.