Rob Emslie
Rob Emslie is a contributing writer for Jalopnik. He has too many cars, and not enough time to work on them all.
Jul 13

When Ford introduced these they said that one option the truck would have would be removable rear windows. That never came to pass, but it had it would have increased the Bronco II’s desirability exponentially.

Jun 22

Well, you obviously don’t have the need to tow a three-bedroom house down the road, and probably don’t find hilariously oversided appurtenances to be all that funny.

Jun 12

You are welcome to your naked A-piller existence—I’m not here to judge you. I’m just happy we live in a world where such divergent oppinions can still coexist without excess drama. How much longer that will be is anybody’s guess.

Jun 9

I tried one of those butane-based A/C fillers and was not impressed. Went back to R134 since Walmart was selling them here in California without the $10/can core charge. 

Jun 9

All station wagons should come with at least the option of woodgrain siding. Always remember: “no wood, no good.

May 13

I always liked the seatbelt mandate solution GM employed on certain cars - which was to mount the belts to the door. That let you slide in under the already latched three-point belts or use them in traditional fashion like you were a responsible grown-up. Read more

May 8

I think it’s because it’s pretty easy to do for the most part, and these are very solid engines that can take a bit more grunt.

May 8

The car is offered in Denver which is a kind of outdoorsey place. I would expect that you might use the racks for bikes or snowboards. I’m not a big roof rack fan so I don’t know if it’s a hassle to take them off or if they’re just added for the ad.

May 8

Hmmm, I had assumed that the intake runner was removed to show the blower coolant circulator installation.

May 6

I have no idea where my Oprah “You Get a Car and You Get a Car” GIF disappeared to.

May 5

I don’t believe these ever came with the wonderful two-way gate. That’s a pretty important enticement in my book.

May 4

These are cars of frustrating compromises. The styling is one of those, although some find its quirks to be charming. You also have to deal with intrusive wheel arches in the footwells, fatiguing engine noise right over your shoulder, and the fact that thes ecars were one rung up the evolutionary ladder from kit cars. Read more

May 4

That’s awesome. I have a buddy who once had a beautiful one—real, mind you—in red. He is over six-feet tall and I always enjoyed watching him clamber in and out of that phenominally low car.

Apr 23

The ad copy is the best. Apologies for forgetting the non-working A/C. That’s pretty egregious when we’re all supposed to be keeping the windows up lest a shelter at home protestor run up to the car and cough on you.