Governor Eugene Gatling
Feb 27 2019

No jokes here, they should have thrown that fucking little shit and his dad out of the stadium and barred them from re-entry. What an entitled little mutant. Fuck that kid.

Feb 25 2019

quote: “There’s Something About Mary, a movie whose most famous laugh line revolves around a woman unknowingly smearing cum in her hair, which was played as hilarious rather than the creepy violation that it would be in reality” 
Oh my goodness.
Did your pearls crack as you typed those words? The horror of dirty comedy, Read more

Feb 11 2019

So he doesn’t go to an anti-gay church, he just goes to a “hate the sin, love the sinner” type church when it comes to the gays? They don’t hate gays, they accept them and forgive them?

Jan 29 2019

I’m a fan. We’re fucking awful, as a collective. The douchiest among us simultaneously demand that we have a right to a chip on our shoulder for perceived slights while also insisting that others merely hate us cause they ain’t us. Read more

Dec 10 2018

All the people on here saying this must be poor families who are unable to foot the bill and not someone choosing to take advantage of the system don’t know many middle-(upper-middle-, upper-)class parents. Read more

Dec 10 2018

The optics are bad, but it’s a tough situation. This isn’t an exceptionally poor area. The median income is good. Parents have been repeatedly encouraged to apply for free/reduced lunches. The district has already written off a lot of the debt. I wish America offered free lunches to all students, but we don’t. Read more

Dec 5 2018

Browner last played in the 2015 as a member of the Saints. He played three seasons with the Seahawks and one season with the Patriots before that. Read more

Nov 29 2018

Probably because only a very few members of the Secret Service actually do any security work. The vast majority of them work in fraud and other treasury-related stuff and their work is probably comparatively boring.

Nov 27 2018

This caught my attention as well. Such an unnecessary and deliberate act of cruelty on Jezebel’s part.

Nov 20 2018

Hes not under appreciated by casting directors! This year Ive watched him on The Deuce and he popped up on Brooklyn 99 and Modern Family. If youve got HBO Go, there’s The Deuce, True Blood, and The Wire - you could watch all Chris Bauer tv all the time, and that’s without all his Law and Order related work.

Nov 20 2018

Seriously, to know what the fuck they’re talking about, you have to click, which is sort of beside the point for those vague “we don’t care that much about this” type headlines.

Nov 8 2018

When I saw the word “sheep,” I thought you might be headed in this direction:

Oct 29 2018

For a lot of us over the age of forty, that pretty much WAS the reality of New England sports fans.  We know what we’ve had over the last seventeen years.  We love it.  Suck it.

Oct 29 2018

What a spectacularly salty article. Everything is always blamed on Boston and its fanbase, as if Price doubters came solely from within. The non-stop hate parade that Deadspin tries to pass off as clever editorializing just makes it that much sweeter that my son and I just watched the Sox win. They’re a likeable team Read more

Oct 25 2018

Mookie = Best player, this season. Trout? Best player ever (through his year six season, anyway). I say this as a lifelong Patriot. The waste of his talent by a bunch of penny-pinching dumpster divers is baseball tragedy. Of course, since the atrocity takes place behind the Orange Curtain, we don’t even see it Read more

Jul 9 2018

Me: Well, I have been thinking about a cordless vac and have heard good thing about the Dyson...and it’s on sale. Must check out....(scrolls down to see price) Read more

Me: Well, I have been thinking about a cordless vac and have heard good thing about the Dyson...and it’s on sale.