Doctor Who Could Be Visiting A Major Moment In the Civil Rights Movement

Solo: A Star Wars Story casts a surprising addition. Tessa Thompson still has hopes for an all-female Marvel teamup movie. The Lego Movie spinoff has lost its director. Plus, a familiar face is returning to Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash takes on a golden age comics villain, and a new look at The X-Files’ return.…

A Game of Thrones Director Is Developing a Conan the Barbarian TV Series

We have confirmation on a few new Solo character names. The X-Files’ Chris Carter has begun to ponder if maybe he shouldn’t end the series after Gillian Anderson leaves. There have been some major changes in the world of Jurassic World since the events of the first film, especially for Bryce Dallas Howard’s character.…


More Speculation about Captain Marvel's Potential Appearance in the Next Two Avengers Films

The Jumanji sequel could go up against Star Wars: Episode IX. Black Panther won’t bring one comic book aspect of the Dora Milaje to the big screen. Even more mysteries around the next Cloverfield movie begin to swirl. Riverdale is planning a musical. Plus, new looks at Jessica Jones and The Flash. To me, my spoilers!

The First, Cryptic Teases for the Setting of the Next Cloverfield Movie 

New Avengers 4 set pictures feature a SHIELD reunion. Detective Pikachu adds a new character. Legends of Tomorrow could be paying a visit to a former President’s teenage years. Plus, new pictures from Supergirl, and wild speculation about another comic character appearing in the next Spider-Man movie. Spoilers now!