Gita Jackson
Staff Writer
8:43 AM

Crusader Kings 2 is now free to own on Steam. If you grab the game now, you’ll be able to assassinate your wife so you can marry your mother any time you want.

10:30 AM

I have never wanted a photo mode for a game more than I want one for Control, and it’s coming tomorrow. It comes with ten different filters, as well as the option to hide Jesse and other characters. But why would you do that when you could turn the our humble Director into an Instagram star?

4:18 PM

Every time I listen to the theme song for Succession, the HBO drama about rich people being evil and sexy, I feel pretty evil and sexy. It’s a little less sexy when done in Mario Paint. Something about the “meow” sound effect doesn’t exactly call to mind the prestige of the Roy family, though perhaps it’s more fitting