Gita Jackson
Staff Writer
10:26 AM

After your review of Let’s Go (specifically the image of playing it at your parent’s house), and this joyful review combined with the game’s flaw meaning I can definitely wait, I’ve decided to give my mom 70 bucks to buy this game for me for Christmas, and I’ll play it that day. It’ll feel let nostalgia and warm Read more

9:34 AM

I was really hoping the plot would be massively improved. B/W had a seriously good storyline and I wish games could reach those heights. Still cannot wait to play though.

9:20 AM

I honestly am so dissapointed with the pokemon games released since Pokemn X/Y I hate talking about it because, every1 else is. But like I spent a good year hunting down and catching every pokemon. The game didn’t have to be deeper than that, it facilitated me making friends and gaming a lot with others and it had a Read more

9:14 AM

For the first time in my adult life, I was seriously thinking about strategy in a Pokémon game, and I had a blast doing it. Read more

9:11 AM

Thank you for the review Gita! The last few days, my excitement for Pokemon Sword/Shield has been tempered because of the Dexit controversy and some other critiques that the game is too easy, boring, linear, etc. Read more

4:41 PM

I totally agree about Asriel - McAvoy was too likeable. In the books he obviously has an interesting arc - and I remember him being way scarier initially. Also because I don’t think they’d introduced Lyra’s loneliness and isolation particularly well - her longing for a family. And Asriel ultimately disappoints her Read more

4:23 PM

I’m with you on both McAvoy and Miranda. Scoresby is 100% a pirate cowboy, which Miranda is just not. I almost feel like Channing Tatum might fit, but he’s not quiiiiiite swashbucking enough. As for Lord Astriel, if you’re looking to convey “Older Gentleman With Infinite Gravitas, The Ability To Generate Fearful Read more

4:17 PM

I’ve seen the ads playing before Watchmen and every time I think “is this that Golden Compass movie?” (which I haven’t seen) and then the title appears and I go “oh I guess not.” Didn’t know they were even related till I read this. I think I was aware the old movie was based on a book but had no idea it was a series. Read more

4:15 PM

I was so pleased after making my whole family going to see the film and then spending the rest of the night apologising :D  If there’s one thing I felt was just a little lacking in the first episode, it was Pan in terms of screen time. He’s really almost on equal footing with Lyra in the books and it felt like he was Read more

3:41 PM

I haven’t watched it yet, but I LOVED the books as a kid. Read them as they released, well before I read Harry Potter.

Can’t wait to watch this when I get home! Y’all are echoing a lot of my feelings from just watching the trailer.

3:20 PM

Ok but where are all the From games?? Every time I jump into one high, I’m like “aw yeah this feels great, love this atmosphere, gonna fight these guys and-” suddenly twenty minutes later my whole body is tensed up and the high turns into one of those anxiety highs and then I need to watch the Simpsons or something to Read more

3:16 PM

...say, you’ve had a stressful day and can’t read your favorite sports blog because it’s been destroyed from the inside out. Read more

2:50 PM

Ages ago, I baked out my room and spent the entire night playing the wood chopping mini-game from fable 2.

2:45 PM

I always assumed that flying type is weak to rock because they have hollow bones, and heavy rocks will make them come crashing down to the ground. Electric type because lighting is even more dangerous if you’re up high, or something. Honestly at first I thought that you were wrong but now I realize my justifications Read more