Gita Jackson
Staff Writer
Dec 10 2019

i actually know a decent amount about early renaissance art lmao what the hell is this neg

Dec 4 2019

There’s some stuff in the first and final episodes that people who have played the first game will appreciate and react to, but otherwise they’re totally separate.

Nov 5 2019

My friend that I was watching with--who also loved the books--said that the Magisterium gave her “sinister megachurch vibes.” Loved it.

Oct 16 2019

please do not treat minorities as your personal educators. i have work to do. you’re on thin ice my dude.

Oct 16 2019

i’m not going to spill my life story to you. the person you replied to has given you all the relevant information you need. check yourself or i will do it for you.

Oct 16 2019

try coming of age at a small private school in new england in the early 2000s