Shannon Melero
Staff Writer
Jul 6

I’ve bounced around the TV industry for 15 or so years as both a creative exec and an admin assistant at major studios, agencies, production companies, etc. Read more

Jul 2

One year anniversary of my favorite goal from the World Cup. CP23's header.

Jul 2

🙄🤔🤯 3 days later and there’s virtually no approved comments. Nice, bring in some guaranteed bait (women’s soccer) and shut nearly everyone out. What’s the goddamn point?

Jul 1

Blocked with calf, not thigh.  I will leave it to others to debate the merits of the actual call.

Jun 25

NASCAR apparently did their own investigation of all the garages (not just that track but all the garages on all their tracks) and of the 1000+ garages something like 11 had pulls that were tied into a knot and of those only one was tied into a noose... 

May 29

That faint sound you hear is the sound of laughter from all the people who spent years claiming Kylie’s lip kits were just an upsold dupe of ColourPop Read more

May 28

One of the app’s creators, Jacob Schuler, told Forbes, “Our biggest issue right now is we’re getting a ton of guys on the site that are attacking girls,”

May 28

Like, I understand the impulse to want “fun skating talk” to be its own thing if people were bombarding those posts with thoughts on the 2020 Dem primary or something. Read more

May 26

Hope it’s OK to put this here, but this brings up two entirely tangential thoughts, Read more

May 21

“She’s got many more years before the fucking Easy-Bake Oven gets shut off,” Read more

May 21

This crisis you’ve been suppressing isn’t meant to be resolved, it’s meant to be endured. Read more