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11:21 AM

fair point but I think it was her death specifically that made me clamor for more of the character, only because they’re not going to time warp and undo her death. so it feels like one last hurrah with Black Widow will give better closure than I got in Endgame. But I’ve been wrong before!

2:27 PM

you get shamed if people find out you pooped in a public bathroom. this is a terrible city

12:27 PM

seven septons them! we can throw the contents of the refrigerator as they march 

2:15 PM

we can’t even call this Eric having an opinion he is just straight up repeating what he hears daddy say on the talky color box 

11:34 AM

I don’t think it was calling her out I think they forced Sonya to low key slut shame her friend. So not only does Mandy have to do something stupid, her friend who could be doing something better with her time is now forced to comment on it. And while yeah the rest of the division is doing better, it’s fair to ask Read more

11:06 AM

Can one really fight against ICE though and agree to fund it at the same time? It’s less of a moral issue and more an issue of ICE is abusing its power nationwide and either she’s going to be part of that or she’s not. Clearly, she chose not

3:18 PM

Can’t come back soon enough as the champion, in her full performing powers. With the title around her waist. 

1:25 PM

my hair does still frizz a bit with this gentler drying method but it’s slightly better than what it was before with the regular towels. I want to do a big chop but the back of my head is not shaped well enough to survive that short hair time 

5:12 PM

They also won’t mention Chyna again as her life after WWE was not company friendly. And bringing up AJ would ruin the narrative of how the revolution/evolution started. She is the one that called out the company for pay discrepancies early on