Gimp In A Top Hat
1/10/17 5:40PM

There is no way they didn’t think that clay coffee pot was actually some ancient bong.

1/09/17 8:39PM

Unless there’s something about Elizabeth Holmes I don’t know about, I highly doubt he’s trying to score a date with her.

1/03/17 8:47PM

Everyday after school while me and my friends were outside playing, the bus from the school with the problem children would drive by and yell at us out the windows.
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12/18/16 2:02PM

In case anyone is curious like I was, Bernie Sanders was the one who abstained from voting.

12/13/16 5:43PM

Even if they were, he would never see them unless they were written into the 2nd Ammendment.

12/10/16 10:48AM

Though the board recommended that the band be suspended for all of next year to fix its “total lack of accountability and responsibility,” the school opted for a lighter sentence and will instead suspend the band through the spring. Read more

12/07/16 6:54PM

So much of the regulations in the Comcast/NBC deal were just flatly ignored. I disagree with the “good job” portion of your comment. And when Chancellor Trump guts the FCC, it’ll only get worse.