Justin Carter
Sep 30

It feels like they wanted either a long season or another one to go out on a bang, but then that didn’t happen, so they tried splitting the difference. And it...didn’t work! One story thread is kinda interesting before being cut off at the knees (Sheidheda), and the other just got more dull the longer they kept Read more

Sep 16

This time, Kratos must deal with...the dreaded Old Navy winter clothing sales

Sep 12

That is...honestly not the title I thought they would’ve gone with. (I was expecting Legion, given the ending to 3.) Read more

Sep 10

People are comparing this to Game of Thrones, which is inaccurate because The 100 revels in its own absurd bullshit, and I love it

Sep 1

Ash I am right there with you, because I started Inquisition again pretty much the day after the Gamescom demo and it still fucking rules. Forgot how much I loved the incidental banter between everyone.

Aug 24

One of these is still ongoing, the other owned up to the stuff he did and was also very clearly done in bad faith, and the other actually is a big part of one of their media arms and can’t be easily disposed of. Read more

Aug 17

While it’s certainly a given that anyone who has a TV show or movie coming generally soon are a lock in for this, it’s others you kinda gotta wonder about. Quake is mentioned in the single player portion of the beta, so that feels right. Mar-Vell or War Machine...maybe?

Aug 17

Love that my single player story about the failings of a venerable code can’t stand against those who don’t play fair to begin with becomes a supernatural sword slashing horde mode with buddies. Read more

Aug 11

All of these dudes are doing a lot to say “I don’t please my wife and make sex all about me.”

Jul 15

I imagine part of their thinking re: casting is, if it is just gonna be them, then there’s really no point to making the show itself? Like there’s a good chance you could scour YouTube and find animatics first basically the entire first season if you looked hard enough. But with new voices for not just NPCs but also Read more

Jul 2

Gotta say that for a show that has a man made of clay who perfectly played a popular college girl down to a T...I wasn’t expecting to enjoy Kite Man as much as I did.

Jul 1

What a devastating ending for that episode...only to be hilariously followed up by one of the silliest commercials they’ve done for this show. Read more

Jun 15

I gotta be real, I thought the title would refer to incest, given how that’s usually the default for messed up families. But this....woof. Maybe I’ll watch when the season has wrapped. 

Jun 11

God, I don’t think I realized how much I missed this series until I felt my heart swell hearing James Taylor’s voice. I’m so excited for this. Read more