Patrick Frawley
Sep 22 2015
Daydream survey HERE

Completely random poll, mostly because I’ve got a rare few open brain cells and it’s time to beat back the bad VW

Jul 30 2015

Without getting all Do you know who I am? about it, do you think I should mention to the guy who is trying to tell

Jul 13 2015
Irrational exuberance

We are the music makers,And we are the dreamers of dreams,Wandering by lone sea-breakers,And sitting by desolate

Jun 30 2015
Spatial awareness

Or: what you have to do so you don’t drip carb cleaner on the apartment carpet.

Apr 17 2015

Quick question: who here would have been driving a Scion xD with an Oppo sticker through Ithaca around eight this

Dec 3 2014

In case you wanted to know what kind of dog the Michelin Man owns:

Nov 30 2014

If you're not too busy this morning and want to feel like the peon you are, Bonhams has a live feed of their Bond

Nov 13 2014
Early Snow

hard fast path follows the sweep of these hills between fields of grain left late, swift steel and glass shell

Oct 10 2014
Ferrari F60 America

The much-rumored special-edition F12, done to commemorate 60 official years in the US, has been introduced.

Aug 15 2014
Jay Adams, 1961-2014

Sad news for all us old punks, skateboarders, and counterculture kids: Jay Adams, one of the original Z-Boys and

Aug 7 2014

Okay, so apparently yesterday's SoM post (relentless pimping: here) was a bit of a lead balloon. Not sure if no one

Aug 6 2014
Pure speculation

Ever wanted to get into the classic-car market? Good news! Here's even more potential moneymakers for your