Jun 5

Seriously, what about Frank do they idolize beyond the fact that he murders criminals? No, wait...that’s probably enough. To them, he probably represents what they wish they could do. 

May 29

“Equilibrium” is excellent. Anyone who doesn’t like it can drop by my gym while I’m practicing my gun kata. Seriously, the story is good, the acting and the cast in great, and it has some of the better action sequences I’ve seen in a long time. Read more

May 15

This is fantastic news, but the more important thing I learned today is that there are people out there that actually think The Santa Clarita Diet is a better show than Justified. 

Apr 13

Thank you Stephen, my family and I had a great chuckle at the “CVS” headline. Captured the moment perfectly.

Apr 6

Ha ha ha! I saw this one polo-shirt-wearing snap-back-hat jerk stretching out with his WTF-iron and I said to myself, “Self, what would a busy-body white lady do in this instance?” and I pulled out the old cell phone and called the po po

Apr 2

THE STUFF was one of the first movies we rented when we got our first VCR in the mid-80s and it made a big impression. Not to play the old man here but kids do NOT realize what a big deal it was to be able to CHOOSE a movie you wanted to watch at home and have the ability to stop/start it whenever you wanted. (Pee

Mar 30

I live my life one scale quarter mile at a time.

Mar 20

Boba Fett waves “hi” from the animated segment of The Star Wars Holiday Special.

Feb 28

Yeah, that got me too. All of Romero’s films are supposedly set during the same outbreak, following different groups of survivors. Night shows the beginning of the outbreak, starting with people going about an ordinary day with no idea of what’s about to happen; Dawn is set slightly later, showing the collapse of Read more

Feb 28

Wow, I didn’t know (or forgot) that he made Soldier. Well crap, I might be a fan of his. Most of his other films fall into that fun b-movie area, though a few get too boring/stupid (such as a few of the RE movies). Overall Monster Hunter seems like a good fit for him, being an over-the-top action property that is Read more