Nov 24

Everyone is going to be disappointed when we find out its just some viral marketing stunt to sell sneakers...

Nov 18

Many years ago I was doing a software upgrade in a company accounts department, it was close to Christmas and the staff were going out for their Christmas party for the afternoon. The manager shouted out to everyone to write down their passwords for me so I could access their PC’s while they were gone and to be sure Read more

Nov 17

If you made this comment elsewhere on the internet you’d be treated to angry responses from 38 year old men with 300 Spartans as their profile pics lecturing you about how DC films are for adults and people who really “love” film or some shit. 

Nov 17

I’m pretty sure Snyder rubbed some of Frank Miller’s cum on every single frame while cutting this. 

Nov 12

That’s my take as well. Everyone fawns about how adorable The Child is but they must have forgot that the little fucker tried to force choke someone! I am firmly in the camp of wanting him or her to grow up to be evil just because it would enrage so many people who love the cute and cuddly bit. I don’t think Disney Read more

Nov 11

it’s like, because it’s cute it has to be innocent.  it doesn’t.  in fact, it doesn’t need to adhere to our human moral standards (or even adult moral standards).  things eat other things.  that’s the amorality of nature.  is it terrifying?  yes.  i think it also establishes that cutie yoda baby is a nuanced living Read more

Oct 26

The building used to be a church... that’s the adult baptismal font converted into a shower.

Oct 22

There’s just an inherent, built-in wonderfulness to B movies with zero pretensions when you’re on their wavelength. Read more

Oct 16

Always a thrill to see an article about the Ridley Scott Superbowl commercial.