6/04/21 11:27AM

Probably the same way DC’s always done things: without any plan, and badly.

6/01/21 5:44PM

“Imagine if she’d joined the Army? It was segregated until 1948.”
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6/01/21 1:23PM

If they weren’t meant to cook kebabs, they shouldn’t have put ‘Lamb’ right there in the name. 

5/28/21 8:01PM

I was flying for business on a transatlantic flight and one seat a few rows up was double-booked. It was a couple and they were pretty upset at the prospect of not travelling together, and then they and the flight attendants were monolinguals in different languages. I spoke both languages, so I translated and Read more

5/24/21 9:45PM

They also took dogs raping a girl out, so holding GRRM up as some standard is dubious at best. 

5/22/21 7:22AM

Came into the comments for the Liefeld slam. Thanks for keeping it alive.

5/20/21 1:17PM

Yeah, I come right out and say that I, for one, want all that shit. Give me the goddamn neon spaceship cockpit. I mean, I've been looking on and off for those footwell lighting add-ons and cupholder glowybits. Might as well make em factory. Read more

5/14/21 1:37PM

“One Eye on the Tunnels” is a great name for a schlocky monster movie!

5/13/21 4:19PM

I still remember a few years ago, I and a couple of my friends walked into our usual comic book shop for our weekly pick-ups, and it was around Christmastime. The owner, a friend of ours, often has something playing on the TVs around the store through Netflix, and this time it was the He-Man Holiday special. Then we Read more

5/13/21 1:22PM

This is something that I’ve been opinionated about for a long, long time: Most 70's and 80's cartoon shows were terrible. Yes, like you mentioned He-Man had great character designs, as that was the only thing that mattered so far as getting toys made off of them. But with most of these shows the writing was insipid Read more

5/13/21 3:56AM

Without Brendon Small, we wouldn't have Coach McGuirk, and without him I'm not sure we'd have a lot of H Jon Benjamin's roles today.