Aug 4

Wasn’t this a scene in Keeping the Faith with Ben Stiller and Ed Norton?

Jul 30

It is and he is an all around terrific performer. I was lucky enough time see him perform at Stagecoach (I was working, what a weird experience) and holy cow was he good. Did a mini set of Merle Haggard songs that had every person there, never seen so many drunks in one spot, singing along.

Jul 29

I was watching Logan Lucky (if you’ve seen it you’ll know why it made me think of ASOIAF) the other day and thinking that he definitely has no more “grueling promotional schedule” keeping him from finishing these books. 

Jul 24

I now grab any and all of Cristobal Tapia De Veer’s soundtracks That I can and they never disappoint.

Jul 23

I’ve heard of that podcast. I’ll have to give that one a listen. Nothing like some confirmation bias to carry you through the day!

Jul 22

That’s what I love about it. It’s absurd. It’s very 60s/70s Euro madcap caper type film. Beautifully shot. Fantastic locations. It’s the most stylized and coolest of the three. EXCELLENT soundtrack. It’s like they said, “man, the idea that all these people would pull off another crazy heist is ridiculous and Read more

Jul 17

Only saw it once, it for anyone looking beyond this list suggestions, “Grabbers” was really enjoyable. Vicious monsters attack a small Irish town but won’t attack anyone with a lot of alcohol in their system, so the whole town gets shitfaced to weather the invasion.

Jul 9

All good points until you remember the whole point of this service was entertainment to fill the moments between the moments. Quick Bites to watch while on a bus, in the Uber, on a lunch break. Millennials are go go gooooing to spend 2020 watching all the long content they’ve never had time for. 

Jun 23

I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that this movie is a real stinker and that Warner Bros is all too happy to let this one be their test case on whether or not people will go to a theater.

Jun 23

It just gets better and better. And then make sure to find a way to watch Korra. I’m hoping that gets put on Netflix as well.

Jun 22

is this a good time to ask about these God-damned Lexuses that make me crap myself at every stoplight thinking they’re about to back into me?

Jun 17

I need to do this as well. I was playing on PS3 years ago and got to some stretch where I had to get through a churchyard and just couldn’t do it. Tried over and over again. Rage Quit. Put it down, moved to new console, never looked back. Until this week where I realized I had previously “Bookmarked” it as a PS+ game Read more

Jun 15

I still feel that this would’ve been seen as a precursor to much more badassery had Carrie Fisher lived. Han was the central OT figure to the first one, Luke had his arc mostly closed in two, then I feel three would’ve been Rey getting properly trained and guided by, a much more powerful than we had realized, Leia. 

May 29

I’d like to take this moment to 100% Whole Heartedly Full Throttle endorse the Hannibal TV series. If you, like me originally, have not watched it because you hate prequels/remakes/cash grabs adaptations/whatever, let me relax your fears. I begrudgingly started watching it with heavy eyerolls and by the time they were