Gabrielle Bluestone
Former Gawker news editor
5:36 PM

I believe he’s trying to criticize what he perceives as a hagiography, with a time-honored retort to hagiographies: dude, what about all the other people who stepped in to make X happen? Which isn’t unknown; how many times have we seen some unvarnished worshipping of Abraham Lincoln’s freeing of the slaves, without Read more

4:58 PM

I read this review the other day and left... confused? I think I re-read it three or four times, and I still couldn’t divine exactly what the fuck the author’s point was. Aside from the BUT WHAT ABOUT THE MEN?!?! bullshit, I think the argument was that we shouldn’t be such fans of Ginsburg because... Trump has Read more

4:42 PM

“...a way to rebel against a president who openly vows to fill the nation’s courtrooms with like-minded judges, most of them hostile to the concepts of due process and equal protection that liberals hold dear,” he concludes. Read more

3:37 PM

Just re-watched Spotlight this weekend. Had to google Peter Canellos because I didn’t know who the guy whose ass they had to kick out of the room was.

1:29 PM

it’s just a picture of legs that cuts to an image of a man standing in a burning house and he has a goat head and his eyes are the black of the void and then it cuts back to an image of legs with paint on them and then it’s the goat headed man and he’s closer to the foreground and I can smell sulfur and then it cuts Read more

2:29 PM

I’m going to miss it terribly. Jezebel and the others are like the step-siblings I don’t quite understand, but will put up with for the sake of harmony. Read more

2:58 AM

I’m sorry. While I loathed that story, and haven’t been a fan of a number of things that have gone on at Gawker over the past few years, I certainly never wanted to see this happen. Further, whatever one thinks of the story, as you and others have pointed out, it’s not the story that killed Gawker, it’s the grudge, Read more